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Meet New 4K YouTube to MP3 4.1 Update

Meet New 4K YouTube to MP3 4.1 Update

Along with the 4K Video Downloader update, we have also rolled out the release of 4K YouTube to MP3

The majority of Youtube-related download issues were fixed in this update. Some other improvements will be implemented in the upcoming update, so stay tuned to get notified.  

4K Youtube to MP3 4.1: What’s New

1. YouTube Music channels subscription feature. Just like in 4K Video Downloader, you can now download entire YouTube Music channels in MP3 and subscribe to them in-app to save new content on your PC or Mac automatically.

Just go to YouTube Music and find a channel of the artist you like. Copy the browser URL and paste it into the app. 4K Youtube to MP3 will offer you to subscribe to the channel. 

2. Surround sound download ability. The application now displays the 3.1 and 5.1 sound options and allows you to download video and audio with surround sound. Note that the feature only works for songs uploaded to YouTube after 2014 to channels mainly dedicated to music and sound.

Here are some major improvements 

  • Youtube video naming issues fixed.
  • Incorrect YouTube channels’ video count issue fixed.
  • Incorrect approximate file size display issue fixed.
  • Slow Youtube channels parsing problem solved.
  • Youtube Music parsing issues fixed.
  • Vimeo link parsing issues fixed. 
  • Facebook link parsing issues fixed.
  • Instagram download issues fixed.
  • Application launch on macOS issue fixed.
  •  Various crashes are fixed.


The release is available to install on Windows, macOS and Linux in-app and here


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