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Top 5 Most Weirdest 360° Videos in the world

Top 5 Most Weirdest 360° Videos in the world

We live in the era of mesmerizing technology novelties. And while Japanese android robots are not affordable for the mass buyer, some out of this world technologies luckily are available for anyone interested to see and use: Sony PlayStation VR gaming head-mounted display is launched already on this year’s October and 360 degrees videos are rapidly filling up the Internet. Any website specializing on video content and even Facebook has at least a few thematic 360 degree videos now.

As you may have already heard, 360 degrees videos are shot with a special camera system that captures simultaneously all 360 degrees of a scene. You may pan and drag the video with mouse to move the camera and have a first person experience of driving a plane or diving in the deep sea, while sitting comfortably home in your chair.

We’ve decided to pick 5 most strange and impressive 360 degrees videos that will definitely blow your mind!

  • #5 The fifth place takes already famous worldwide 360° music video by Avicii

It sends shivers down your spine watching people come and go out of numerous doors, decorations and colors changing, lights going on and off, and at the same time you get to experience being a part of a music video shooting, even finding yourself being the center point of action somehow while just observing. This definitely feels both weird and exciting, no wonder the video got so many views. Don’t hesitate to watch it too if you haven’t already!

  • #4 Have you ever looked through your favorite artists gigs’ recordings on YouTube and felt sorry you’ve missed these shows? It’s safe to say that in a few years the concerts of all more or less popular musicians will be shot in 360° and available for anyone - the location, financial means and the other problems won’t be a barrier on your way to experience being at the best music show of the year. By now you may try out a sort of demo version of this and visit Begium’s Tommorowland music festival by watching this 360° footage

  • #3 Ever wanted to get jumped over by a horse?

No? Anyways, you can experience such thing too by watching this video

  • #2 The other ridiculously fun idea you may bring into life with 360 videos is eating delicious taco with Danny Trejo himself!

Not only you are sharing a meal with the legend in a small cozy place, Danny Trejo is also the cook, the cashier, AND the guy sitting at the next table at the same time! Can it get more trippy and fun?

  • #1 Turns out it actually can get more trippy! Jessica Brillhard uploaded a video on her YouTube channel of the results of her collaboration with Doug Fritz of Google’s Artists and Machine Intelligence program, which is basically a captured footage of nature with the layers of the DeepDream algorithm effects on top. This video is absolutely nuts, you just have to check it out!

The list above is only our limited pick and if you’ve liked those videos, you may find plenty of other exciting ones on YouTube’s 360° channel

Step into the world of your favorite video games, go to a Bernie Sanders rally, ride the hugest roller coaster, visit MTV Movie Awards, ski jump, even experience being in a horror movie and many many more mindblowing virtual opportunities are awaiting you there!

Watching 360 videos is luckily not that hard either, you may go a few different ways - firstly, you may just watch the 360 video of choice right in the Google Chrome browser, set the highest resolution, make the video full screen, drag and pan it with cursor - it takes literally a few clicks!

If you want to be able to watch 360 degree videos any time even without the Internet connection, you may download them with 4K Video Downloader and watch on your computer with Kolor Eyes video player, doing exactly the same easy steps as you would in a browser.

The other way to watch such videos is a little bit tricky, but it gives a more full 360 degree effect too - you need to purchase Google Cardboard from the official site, pick the 360 degree video of your liking in YouTube application on your smartphone, put it in the Cardboard, look through the lenses and turn your head to look around for the 360 effect!

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