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Unique Features of New 4K Stogram

Unique Features of New 4K Stogram

The long-awaited 4K Stogram update is finally out! It means that new unique features are here to make your experience with 4K Stogram even easier than before.

This time around 4K Download development team added the following features:

  • - Subscribing to your Instagram account in one click

  • - Subscribing to all accounts your follow on Instagram

  • - Following accounts that posted photos by particular hashtag and location

  • - Import and export your subscription database

Subscribe to My Account

This feature allows you subscribing to your own account within 4K Stogram application in just one click. Download all photos that was uploaded by you, backup your Instagram account - just click ‘Edit’ in application and then click ‘Subscribe to My Account’ like on the picture below:


Subscribe to Accounts I’m following

Clicking on Edit -> ‘Subscribe to Accounts I’m following’ will save your time - instead of copying and pasting account usernames from Instagram following list one by one, you can do it in just one touch!

After this 4K Stogram turns into an Instagram viewer application: each time you run the app, you can watch freshly added photos of your friends while downloading them to your computer at the same time:


Subscribe to author & Subscribe to location

Have subscribed to hashtag in 4K Stogram and wanted to see more pictures of this place or subscribe to the author of some exceptionally beautiful photos? You can do it with 4K Stogram now in a few easy steps!

Click to three dots near a photo, in the opened context menu choose ‘Subscribe to author’ or ‘Subscribe to location’ by clicking on either of them and the photos will immediately start to download to your computer.


Import and Export of subscriptions

Added lots of important subscriptions and don’t want to lose them and adding everything all over again next time there is a need for a major reinstall on your computer or if it is suddenly breaks?

Export your subscription database in txt or 4K Stogram’s format and save it on flash drive or HDD and import them in one click when you can use 4K Stogram again!


Try new 4K Stogram!

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