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Best Educational YouTube Channels For 3rd and 4th Graders

Best Educational YouTube Channels For 3rd and 4th Graders

As a continuation for our series of #4KDBackToSchool posts, we want to share with our dear 4K Download community a compilation of YouTube channels worth checking with your children for educational purposes and joy.

In order to find channels that cater to needs of children of 3rd and 4th grade age, we consulted with various parenting and teaching guides that imply that kids of this age group should be able to:

  • Build strong friendships

  • Think independently and critically

  • Have sense of responsibility

  • Make decisions

  • Be an active part of the group

  • Memorize and recite facts

  • Have discussions on studied materials

Quite a task, isn’t it? And this list doesn’t include academic skills expectations! It’s hard for busy parents to combine their job, maintain children’s educations and leave some time for themselves simultaneously. Luckily, there is a way to make their life easier by entertaining and educating their kids through kids’ favorite medium.

The following YouTube channels may significantly help parents with upbringing and give fun but important lessons to children:



CrashCourse is a channel that aims to educate people of all ages about.. everything! They take on world history, literature, psychology, astronomy, biology, ecology, chemistry, physics, philosophy and numerous other topics. The creators present all of the above in convenient form of animated videos, each one is from 10 to 15 minutes long, which is perfect for children as their attention span is quite short yet.

Disney Shorts


Disney Shorts may seem like only an entertainer at first. However, after a few episodes it’s hard not to come to realization that the channel is yet another great example of series that educate but don’t bore children with monotonous lectures. Your kids will go on fun adventures with familiar characters they loved since nursery and learn how to make decisions and solve problems on their way. The length of each episode on average is even shorter that the previous channel’s - about 3 minutes.



Almost everybody knows about TED - a conference where the most educated, interesting, and inspirational people share their knowledge, perspective and revolutionary ideas, raise and discuss important questions, and the footage of it is translated on every possible language and regularly uploaded online for free for the whole world to watch and learn.

TED has a sub-project called TED-Ed that creates stunningly animated educational videos that touch upon not only a great range of themes, but also give answers to questions people rarely ask themselves. These series will be of great help for exercising critical thinking of children and make them learn a truly great amount of important information about science, society, relationships, world, and life in general.



TheBrainScoop is a channel hosted by Emily Graslie who has worked in major zoological museums for quite some time. She is really passionate about animals, their evolution history, and all possible aspects related to them is a great interest of her.. So great it won’t leave kids indifferent! Just a few episodes and instead of constantly asking questions, your children start to tell YOU all about the differences between 300 species of agamidae family! How awesome is that?

Smart Girls


Smart Girls is a YouTube channel of an organization of the same name founded by artist Amy Poehler (Saturday Night Live, Mean Girls, Parks and Recreations) and producer Meredith Walker (who was creating value for society and caring about human rights since 2010). As they themselves state, the main goal is to be funny AND informative. The channel provides a number of different series, each focused on teaching young girls and boys not to be afraid to be themselves, and how to be compassionate and accepting of others. Smart Girls talk to your children as an equal and will definitely have an impact on their growing to be more caring and humane.

Was any of the above channels of interest for you? Want to be able to let your children watch their favorite YouTube channel series anytime and in the best possible quality? Download videos, playlists and full channels to your computer, tablet or smartphone with 4K Video Downloader. Subscribe to favorite YouTube channels within the application and get new videos downloaded automatically to your computers right after they have been uploaded on YouTube, don’t let the children miss even a single episode!

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