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More about 4K Download support with Liza

More about 4K Download support with Liza

Hello 4K Downloaders, the best users ever! All of you are familiar with our 4K Download products, some have visited Help section on our site and even used “Contact Us” button. Though, have you ever wondered who can be behind it? How do you imagine 4K Download Support? Is it a team of strict all-day-all-night working men in glasses or maybe just 2-3 super stress-resistant Shaolin Monks? If you are after the second variant, you are closer to reality :D We are indeed super calm and patient to answer all your questions again and again within 24 hours or faster. As other usual organisations, we do have certain working hours, as well as weekends and holidays.

Liza, a member of 4K Download Support team, is going to answer some popular questions not only about the usage of 4K Download applications, but will also give some details about Support workflow.

Liza, can you tell us what issues are the most common for the users who want to download video/audio? Can you tell us your magic tricks for troubleshooting?

There can be many reasons for errors, connected with downloading files. When you encounter one, don’t panic, just breathe in and out and check, if a video is public and free as 4K Download apps allow downloading only fully available for everyone videos. If you still get an error, restart the app/reboot your computer and try again, the majority of problems will disappear. However, if they persist, make sure you have added 4K Download apps into the White List of your Firewall and Antivirus. You can always open our Help section to get more detailed information, you will find answers for the majority of your questions there!

What tools would you recommend to have for all multimedia amateurs?

That’s a great question! The most important, you need to have several Media players to be sure you can open any format. For example, MKV is a very popular format of High Quality videos, not all players can open it successfully. To add to this, Subtitles are not supported by some players very well. For these 2 situations I would highly recommend VLC and MPC-HC media players as versatile ones. Some users want to burn CDs and DVDs with the downloaded files. In this case, you will need special burners to help you. As easy and useful ones, I would recommend Nero , PowerISO and Audacity . There are even 2 more articles about burning CDs and DVDs in our Blog.

How do you communicate with developers and testers? How can you assure the users that their ideas or bugs will be taken into consideration?

We work on Zendesk platform, it’s connected with Jira platform. All users’ issues, bugs and ideas are firstly reviewed by the Support staff, we do our best to solve all your problems and give useful pieces of advice. Then, if we can’t, we contact our Developers, they examine users’ log, dump files and database to solve issues. If they can’t be solved immediately, we create special tasks in Jira, so that Developers bare in mind all tickets they have to solve. As for ideas, we are always super glad to get some fresh ideas, we also create special tasks in Jira to take into consideration every user’s idea and try to implement them in future to improve the work of 4K Download apps.

4K Download Support is 100% humanity and understanding, as we are all people, we have walked in your shoes and we know, what it is to be at a loss with some problem. Don’t hesitate, contact us and we will make sure all your questions are answered.

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