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ASMR: The Most Sensual Form of Videos

ASMR: The Most Sensual Form of Videos

YouTube is full of ASMR videos, but what are these actually?

ASMR is the autonomous sensory meridian response. But in the digital community, the acronym implies videos that give a viewer a slight tingling sensation at their back or head.

Typically, ASMR videos include one or several features like gentle whispering, relaxing hands movements, nail scratching on hard surfaces, smacking of the lips, brushing sounds, etc.

The term initially emerged ten years ago, though it’s still discovered. Which, generally, did not influence the rapid growth of ASMR content on social media.

The ASMR pioneer and triggers

The ASMR culture is attributed to the show aired in the 80-90s in the US - The Joy of Painting - hosted by Bob Ross. He is considered as the ASMR pioneer, though he had no intention to start such a cultural wave. The thing was about his soft, calm and deep voice which triggered viewers to feel what is now called the ASMR.

Brushing sounds were also the reason for having viewers mesmerized. Later, people started to build communities on imageboards like Reddit and 4chan to look for new triggers.

Now, several triggers are known:

  • Personal attention

  • Gentle whispering

  • Crunchy sounds

  • Slow movements

  • Repeating actions

  • Water pouring and spray

  • Smile sounds

  • Tongue clicking

  • Laughter

  • Eating

  • Tapping

Why do people watch such videos, anyways?

Since people liked the feeling given after watching Bob Ross’ videos, the phenomenon was not going to cease. His painting lessons are still popular today, and not only among painting lovers, but also among ASMR fans.

Users created audio compilation with ASMR triggers, but the matter did not end there. YouTube and Twitch creators started making videos of this kind, and now popular ASMR channels have millions of subscribers. The diversity of such clips is remarkable: you can find short and extremely long videos with whispering or mic nail scratching, and thematic videos with doing haircuts, lash extensions, massages, and even reading scientific articles.

ASMR is used in commercials by well-known brands, especially those selling food. For instance, KFC benefitted from the format in its commercial with colonel Sanders producing crunchy chicken sounds.

Or Dove with their chocolate bar ad campaign.

You still wonder why people watch such content?

It’s simple. Users claim that ASMR videos make them fall asleep better and relax them. Each person has their own level of sensitivity, so the trigger that excites one person may stay unnoticeable or even annoy another.

How to enjoy ASMR videos properly?

First and foremost, buy good headphones that will deliver high-quality surround sound. Then air out your room, try to relax and detach yourself from everything around, and then download your favorite ASMR clip with 4K Video Dowbloader to listen to it without ad integrations which can ruin the whole effect.

ASMR triggers lead to the so-called ASMR tolerance, so to keep enjoying the effects, you need to constantly look for new triggers.

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