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Best Meme Generators 2019

Best Meme Generators 2019

Everyone loves memes. They’re funny, viral, and always on point. And good news - it’s not at all difficult to create your own memes. All you need is a proper app. The 4K Download Team has prepared a list of best meme generators for iOS, Android, and online use in 2019.

Best meme apps for iOS and Android

If you want to create memes on the fly and instantly share them on social media, you can download these apps on your mobile devices.


Available for iOS and Android

Mematic is one of the best mobile apps for creating GIFs and memes. You can either use ready-made templates or create memes with your own photos from the library. The app allows sharing the content on any social media channel or messenger.


  • Large library of meme templates - from old ones to the latest trendy memes.

  • Ability to create GIFs as well as memes.

  • Advanced search feature.

  • Simple user interface.

  • Cross-platform with compatibility with iOS and Android.


  • The free version has lots of ads.

  • Watermarks on memes.

The paid version of Mematic - Mematic PRO - unlocks access to all layouts, fonts, filters, colour palettes, and allows customizing watermarks, using blend modes, and enjoying the app without advertisements. The free trial lasts three days. The payment is recurring and billed either annually ($17.99) or monthly ($2.99).

Meme Generator

Available for iOS and Android .

This mobile app for creating memes has a plethora of templates set in several categories: All Memes, New Memes, Popular Memes, Favorite Memes, Saved Memes, Custom Memes, and Random Memes.

You can choose a template and customise it as you wish. Add a caption (or several), change the font, and apply border filters. If you want yo make a meme with your own image, you can do it with ease.


  • Large templates library with over 500 million memes.

  • Sample captions.

  • Ability to customise the size and colour of your meme.

  • Extended variety of fonts.

  • No watermarks.

  • Sharing feature.

  • Cross-platform.


  • Ads show up unless you buy a paid plan for $2.

Instameme: Meme Generator

Available for Android

Instameme: Meme Generator is an app for instant creating and editing of memes. The app contains more than 5,000 memes templates, as well as emoticons, rage faces, and stickers. To create your memes, either use the templates or choose an image from the library on your smartphone. The app is distinguished by a variety of functions.


  • The app is totally free.

  • No watermarks at all.

  • Images cropping, editing, and adding filters are among the features.

  • Customise your text’s size, colour, as well as stroke size and stroke colour.

  • Multiple objects managing: bring them forward or backwards, add gutters, set a background, zoom in and out, rotate.

  • Save the content on your device or share via social media channels.


  • Ads, since the app is absolutely at no cost.

  • Not available for iOS.

GATM Meme Generator

Available for Android .

A free memes creator is another app that allows you to choose a meme from templates and your own library. As the developers claim, the app has hundreds of popular meme templates available within GATM Meme Generator, which is fewer than in other apps mentioned above. But it does contain thousands of browseable memes. Still, the app performs the function we all are here for - find a required template, add a caption, adjust font settings, then save or share the meme.


  • Create memes from your own images and available templates.

  • Content is daily updated.

  • Preview the meme you’re making.

  • Save the memes to your SD card.

  • Share content in one click via Twitter, Facebook Messenger, and more social channels.

  • Searching feature for scrolling the templates in Browse and Create sections.


  • Watermark in the free version.

  • Ads.


Available for iOS and Android .

Good old classics. This app is one of the oldest and largest meme communities online. But nonetheless the app is old, meme storage is full of new and trendy content. Within the app, you can create memes, GIFs, save them on your phone or share online with your friends.


  • A large content library that is regularly updated.

  • A huge online community of meme lovers.

  • Top meme picks: best-rated Memes of the Day, Week, or Month.

  • Video memes creation.

  • Multi-language support: the app available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Italian and French.


  • Ads.

  • Not so many features.


The tool is available not for a mobile device but desktop on macOS and Windows. iMeme is a desktop tool letting its users easily add captions to famous web memes. Since this is a desktop tool, you need to install the app on your PC.

There are more than a hundred of in-app templates, share options, image uploader, and many features for editing the content - change fonts, size, text, and alike.


  • Many in-app templates.

  • Available for macOS and Windows.

  • Ability to save memes on your PC.

  • Ability to print the memes from the app.

  • Automatic upload to Reddit. (The founder of the app is Redditer - Michael Fogelman).


  • The app is rarely updated.

  • Not available for Linux.

Online meme generators

If you want to make memes effortlessly on a big screen and mobile apps are not an option, you can try online meme generators that we mention below.


Imgflip is a web tool with the tagline “The Fastest Meme Generator on the Planet.” And the tagline really holds up a mirror. The tool allows creating memes, GIFs, charts, and demotivational in a couple of clicks. You need no account to make memes from the available templates and your own images. Just opt for a template or upload an image, add captions, customise the text and text colour, draw, add a sticker if you want, or upload additional image - that’s all. After that, share the meme with your friends on social media.


  • Creating memes and GIFs fast and efficiently.

  • No login required.

  • Sharing option.

  • Friendly interface.


  • A tiny watermark at the bottom left corner which can be removed after you pay $2.95 per month for a paid plan.

  • Ads in a free version.

Meme Center

This online tool is currently available for iOS as an app. Meme Center is one of the hugest humour communities on the Internet. Large catalogue of trendy memes is what the web service is known for. The service is divided into four tools - the meme builder, the quick meme, the GIF maker, and the uploader. Memes creation requires an account. If you want to create a meme fast and with no effort, use the quick meme tool and add a caption to a template. To make memes from scratch, feel free to utilize advanced meme builder.


  • Create custom memes using available templates or your own images.

  • Ability to share a meme or save on your PC.

  • Large library of content.

  • GIFs making.

  • Runs on iOS devices.

  • Free to use.

  • Memes are categorized based on different styles.


  • Account required for posting content to the website.

  • Ads.

Make a Meme

Make a Meme is an online tool for creating memes, which is also available on iOS. The tool is super easy to use and demands no account to make or submit images. Memes creating is effortless there - simply choose a template, add a caption, and preview the meme.


  • A large variety of templates.

  • No account required.

  • Ability to upload your own images.


  • No app for Android.

  • Impossible to change text boxes.

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