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Best 7 YouTube URL Tricks You Have Not Heard of

Best 7 YouTube URL Tricks You Have Not Heard of

According to the recent statistics, we watch more than a billion hours of YouTube videos a day. So why don’t we make our viewing experience even more pleasant with these tricks we want to share?

The 4K Download team wants to share with you nine amazing YouTube URL tricks that will save your time and make love YouTube even more. No worries, being tech-savvy is not required.

  1. Link to a part of a video

You’ve surely encountered this situation when you wanted to share a video just for one moment that was worth it. But the video was too long. Knowing this trick, you’ll be able to share videos that start right with the moment you want to tell about.

To do so, open the video you want to share, press Share below the clip and pick Start at option. Then copy the URL and send it.

The second way to do it is to open a video clip, then right-click on this. You’ll see the following:

After that, just copy the video URL and paste when you need it.

But that’s not all.

There’s also the third way to link with a video starting at the specific timestamp. This method is manual and is not very convenient in comparison with the former two.

You need to manually add &t=YmXXs to the video URL, where Y is for minutes and XX is for seconds.

For instance, let’s take this video and share it starting with 0:58. All we need to do is to copy the video URL from the search field:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_40SFEVBmM .

Then, add to this video &t=0m58s:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_40SFEVBmM&t=0m58s .

  1. Video repeat

This feeling when you want to play over and over one song is familiar to many. Well, good news. Now you don’t need to press the Replay button manually. If you want to watch one video multiple times, you can easily do it with the following simple trick.

Open a video you want to repeat. Find its URL and then append repeater after youtube in the URL.

Let’s take this video, for instance. The URL is


Now, do the steps mentioned above. The URL then will look like this:


Once done, you’ll be redirected to youtuberepeater.com, and the videos will be played there.

  1. Detour age restriction

Another common challenge for YouTube users is to bypass age restriction. YouTube makes videos with certain content unavailable for users who are under 18 or not signed in. But with this trick, you can easily detour this roadblock.

All that needs to be done from you is to append gen in front of youtube in the video URL, so that this URL:


Looked like this:


The video will be opened on a different page with no age restriction.

Note: this lifehack worked for us with VPN and the Tor browser.

  1. Get only your Subscription videos in Recommended

YouTube algorithms are surely smart, but sometimes the video it recommends are not relevant. How to customize the Recommended content? Use this trick!

Sign in your YouTube channel and open the main page. Then, add to the main page URL /feed/subscriptions.

Here’s how it works. The screengrab below shows you all the videos YouTube recommends you.

Then, simply add these magic words into the URL, and you’ll get this: the videos of your Subscriptions only.

  1. Make a GIF from a video

If you scroll through dozens of YouTube videos and find something worth making a GIF from, this hack is for you.

Just open the video and add a gif to the URL, before the word youtube. So that the URL looks like this:


Once done, you’ll be redirected to gif.com where you can add a plethora of gif effects.

  1. Download whole YouTube playlists

It’s not a URL hack in its sense, but the trick does contain a URL component within. If you want to download a playlist from your favourite YouTube channel, download 4K Video Downloader first.

On YouTube, open the playlist you want to save on your PC and copy its link. Then past the URL in the 4K Video Download application and press Download playlist. Wait until the app processes all the data about the playlist, select the quality type and press Download.

Enjoy the content!

  1. Download video thumbnail

If you want to download any YouTube video thumbnail in high resolution, you need to take these little actions and alter the URL somewhat.

To do so, add the video ID into this URL:


What is a video ID? This is the number in the video URL that goes after v=. In this URL, the video ID is 9nqSXy0Skxk.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9nqSXy0Skxk .

Follow this hack, and the result link will look like this:

https://img.youtube.com/vi/9nqSXy0Skxk/maxresdefault.jpg .

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