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20 Best Educational YouTube Channels

20 Best Educational YouTube Channels

Though the school year has already started, learning is never too late. So we in 4K Download decided to share with you 20 best educational YouTube channels that will make you smarter whatever your age.

20 best educational YouTube channels

We’ve collected many channels and grouped them into five categories. Watch, learn and don’t forget to download the most interesting channels and playlists on your PC or Mac with 4K Video Downloader!

Best YouTube channels for learning

C. G. P. Grey

The channel is dedicated to easy and entertaining explanations of politics, society, geography and culture.


Essential science and history news, facts, and concepts. As the channel’s description implies, if you’re curious about everything, feel free to subscribe.


The channel is about talented and inspiring people, their stories and ideas that transform the future.

TED-Ed - Lessons Worth Sharing

This 10-million followers YouTube channel is all about creating educational videos worth spreading. Many of the animated lessons are made in collaboration with outstanding educators chosen by TED.

Easy Languages

Each video on the channel teaches you grammar and vocabulary in the form of a vivid dialogue with strangers on the street. The languages the channel creators teach this way are multiple - from Greek and Russian to Korean and even Welsh.

Best science YouTube channels


Scientific ideas and concepts easily explained in a casual manner are what the channel is about.


Destin Sandlin, the channel creator, is ready to walk you through the world of science and answer questions about nearly everything - from NASA to Facebook.

Periodic Videos

The channel is your choice if you either love or struggle with chemistry. Videos explain the science behind each of the chemical element from the periodic table.


Another channel that is dedicated to fundamental science - math. The videos will make you understand mathematics even if you’ve never been math-savvy enough.


Interesting physics and engineering videos made by Derek Muller.

Ms Beautyphile

The channel is the other side of beauty blogging. If you’re interested not only in makeup but in the chemicals your beauty products contain and their influence on your health, you are welcome to Ms Beautyphile’s channel.

Best marketing and business YouTube channels

Business Casual

The channel explores the history of big corporations and tells the business stories in short videos. If you’re interested in how small startups become international giants, subscribe to the channel and save the videos on your PC.


The channel is dedicated to Instagram growth hacks and the latest trends in digital marketing. All the news, effective Instagram promotion strategies, tutorials and tips are collected there.

The Financial Diet

If you want to learn how to manage your finances, spend less money on unnecessary things, rethink your shopping habits, and invest money effectively, the channel is your weekly dose of financial literacy.

Best tech YouTube channels

The Game Theorists

If you love games, you will love this channel as well since it’s full of entertaining video games analysis.


If computers, coding, Internet culture and this kind of PC technology is your cup of tea, feel free to subscribe to this channel.

The Coding Train

Another channel dedicated to computing but this time with a special emphasis on coding. This channel will teach you how to code in a detailed, easy-to-understand and funny manner. No matter your previous coding experience, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced coder, the channel has something for you.


Videos on the channel focus on consumer technology, gadgets, apps and software.

Best history YouTube channels

Knowing Better

Much of the channel is dedicated to historical events, but it also includes religion, politics, science, society, and economy.


If a straightforward and easy-to-understand history lessons are what you’ve been looking for, search no further. The channel focuses on funny and explanatory animated videos on the history of different nations.

If the compilation we’ve prepared is useful for you, feel free to download all the best educational YouTube channels and watch them later even if you have no Internet connection.

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