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  2. YouTube Rewind 2019: What Is It and When It Comes Out?

YouTube Rewind 2019: What Is It and When It Comes Out?

YouTube Rewind 2019: What Is It and When It Comes Out?

Each year YouTube releases a video mashup with the most viral videos and creators of the last twelve months. Back in 2018, YouTube Rewind was the most disliked video in YouTube history.

Now, YouTube decided to fix it and create a summary of what really mattered to its audience in 2019. Let’s see how this turned out.

When is YouTube Rewind 2019?

Every year, YouTube Rewind goes live at the beginning of December. The first-ever Rewind came out on the 13th of December in 2010.

This year is not an exception - “For the Record” Rewind summary was released on December 5th. And again it is going to hit the dislikes record. Now, a week after the release, the number of dislikes is approaching 7 million.

The Rewind of 2018 gained 17 million dislikes throughout a year. The reasons for the last year’s fiasco are controversial. Ones say it’s because PewDiePie was not featured in a clip; others are sure that the reason for the anger is YouTube catering to celebrities, not a creators’ community.

Whatever the reason, YouTube Rewind 2019 is probably going to hit these numbers.

How is YouTube Rewind made?

The Rewind of this year is plain statistics with the most liked,most viewed videos, and most subscribed channels and creators.

YouTube reveals that the algorithms analyze the content ranking by the most liked (or viewed or subscribed) videos and channels uploaded or created in 2019. Then the results are filtered, and all the geo-restricted videos are excluded from the lists.

The content is later revised on the relevance to the majority of the Rewind viewers. Typically, this audience is older than 16 years of age. Videos are also analyzed on the relevance of the content. It means that if the video title states “beauty tips”, the clip has to be a beauty tutorial or a beauty hack.

If the category focuses on creators’ content like the most liked creator videos list does, YouTube excludes all the media companies and music artists from the category.

Another vital parameter for ranking and filtering are keywords. For the most liked dance videos category, the keyword is “choreography”. The list with the most liked beauty videos contain the words “beauty”, “cosmetics”, and “beauty tips” in titles or descriptions.

YouTube Rewind 2019: For the Record

To be on the safe side, this year, YouTube featured a handful of tops - 10 most liked creator videos, 10 most liked music videos, 5 most liked dance videos, 5 most viewed gaming videos, 5 most liked beauty videos, 10 breakout creators, and 10 most viewed creators.

This year, creators like PewDiePie, MrBeast, James Charles, and Shane Dawson were featured. Among the top music videos, you can find Billie Eilish, BTS, Ariana Grande, and others.

Top games on YouTube that are watched a lot is Minecraft, Fortnite and GTA. Apart from these, YouTube features multiple newcomers that nailed it with their content this year.

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The community reaction to YouTube Rewind 2019 is almost as negative as this was last year. Viewers accuse YouTube of making it even worse year by year and blame the YouTube team in being too cautious in order to make people love the mashup.

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