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  2. Bored in COVID-19 Lockdown? Enjoy Free 4K Slideshow Maker!

Bored in COVID-19 Lockdown? Enjoy Free 4K Slideshow Maker!

Bored in COVID-19 Lockdown? Enjoy Free 4K Slideshow Maker!

If you're housebound or stuck at home with children, you might currently be struggling to keep yourself entertained. That’s why we in 4K Download want to remind you of our free software - 4K Slideshow Maker which you can enjoy during the quarantine.

Free 4K Slideshow Maker

If you’re getting bored while social distancing, we know how to deal with the situation. Just download our free slideshow maker and enjoy creating amazing slideshows . This app is an easy-to-use software where you can add Instagram photos or images from your computer, pick music and apply unusual effects.

How 4K Slideshow Maker helps you survive the lockdown?

Our photo slideshow maker is designed not only for entertainment. If you’re working remotely during the quarantine or your kids’ school lessons are online, 4K Slideshow Maker can be a useful tool for work or study.

  • Make school presentations

If your kids study online due to the shutdown, they can use the software to prepare presentations for classes. The app offers various output formats to choose from - Windows Standard, Mac OS X Standard, iPhone 8, iPhone X+, iPad, YouTube video, Facebook video and 4K Ultra HD.

Before saving, you can preview the presentation and make changes in the final version if needed.

  • Make reports and presentations for work

4K Slideshow Maker can streamline the process of creating a report or presentation for your work project. Just select images from your computer or pick Instagram photos, add music if needed and apply transitions and effects. The app has a variety of effects, so you will definitely find something to your liking.

If you want to add music to your slideshow, you can use our free 4K Video to MP3 converter and extract a high-quality track from any video.

Once the report or presentation is made, share it with your co-workers via Facebook, YouTube or send it by email.

  • Create a memorable slideshow

If you don’t need to use presentations in your work or school, you can produce a slideshow with memorable moments just for yourself. All you need to do is install 4K Slideshow Maker on your PC or Mac and start creating! Pick any important moments from your computer gallery or Instagram, add some music, and here you have it.

And don’t forget to share your creativity with others on social media. 4K Slideshow Maker has special presets for YouTube and Facebook, which you can use to produce a perfect video for each platform.

Capture your great life events like wedding, birthdays, friends and family moments to stay with you for good.

  • Make a gift to your beloved ones

4K Slideshow Maker is also a great help when it comes to making gifts to your special someone. Advanced face-recognition technology insures that you won't miss your beloved ones when creating a special gift for them. The process is straightforward, and after the slideshow is made, you can easily share it with your family and friends on social media.

Don’t hesitate to try our best slideshow maker to spend the shutdown time funny and usefully.

And to survive the corona shutdown, use our other boredom-killing apps - 4K Video Downloader , 4K Stogram , and 4K YouTube to MP3 .

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