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25% OFF PRO & 4K Bundle Only till June 5 Summer Sale 25% OFF PRO & 4K Bundle Only till June 5 Summer Sale
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Meet the New 4K YouTube to MP3 4.0 Version

Meet the New 4K YouTube to MP3 4.0 Version

We are happy to announce the release of the new 4.0 version of 4K YouTube to MP3 ! Our team has been working hard to prepare something really special. This time around we’ve upgraded the MP3 downloader not only functionality-wise but also enhanced its look. Learn all about the new features and improvements of the latest 4K YouTube to MP3 update below.

New design

Meet our new stylish, intuitive and convenient interface. It was designed for a better user experience. Thanks to this new design, we’ve also managed to integrate new features that greatly improved the overall performance. Enjoy a more modern and functional 4K YouTube to MP3 downloader!


Another feature that was made possible by the implementation of the new design. Onboarding guides new users through the steps of using the application. Learning how to download with 4K YouTube to MP3 has been made easier with the help of GIF-images depicting the actions to follow.

After you install and launch the new version of 4K YouTube to MP3, you will see the GIF-images with explanations and directions.

You will also learn how to set your preferences such as audio quality and format.

Downloads search bar

We received a lot of messages from our users regarding the difficulty to find specific files within the extensive list of downloads. We understand how frustrating it is to navigate through hundreds or maybe even thousands of downloaded files, so we added a search bar into the application window.

No more wasting time on endless scrolling! Just type the track title into the search bar and locate it in the download history in mere seconds.

New sorting option

Now you can arrange elements in alphabetical order. Operate the application faster and sort the downloaded files in a more convenient way — just click the sort button and choose the Name option (From A to Z or from Z to A).

Built-in browser

Before the 4K YouTube to MP3 4.0 version, in order to download a track you wanted, you first had to open a browser, search for the track on YouTube or other sites, then open 4K YouTube to MP3 and paste the link. As a result, you could have a lot of tabs open which is inconvenient and pretty annoying.

After the 4.0 version release, you only need to launch 4K YouTube to MP3 to start downloading! Thanks to the new built-in browser, you can search tracks for downloading right in-app.

Click one of the supported sites, enter your search query and press the Download button next to the audio you want to save. That’s it: easy and fast!

Update to the latest version directly from the application (Tools > Check for Updates) or download 4K YouTube to MP3 directly to your Windows, macOS, and Linux.

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