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9 Best Vocal Remover Apps in 2022

9 Best Vocal Remover Apps in 2022

If you’re looking for a tool to extract vocals from a song to add an acapella into your TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube content, search no further. In this article, we’ll reveal the nine best online tools and desktop software that come in handy when you need to isolate vocals from audio or video.

Most of the tools are free to use; some have advanced features that need to be paid for. These programs allow you to not only remove vocals but also backtracks, and some of them can isolate instrument stems such as piano, guitar, bass, drums and more.

But don’t forget that a song is someone’s intellectual property, so ask for permission before using it for commercial or business purposes such as on your company TikTok or Instagram. If you’re isolating a vocal stem for personal use, no worries.

So now let’s cut to the chase and see which tools to use in 2022 if you want to isolate vocals from a song.

Best Online Vocal Removers


As the name of the application implies, the tool is AI-powered. LALAL.AI lets you remove vocals, backtracks and even six instrumental stems from audio and video alike. These instruments are piano, bass, drums, electric guitar, acoustic guitar and synthesizer.

LALAL.AI is used by both amateurs and professionals because of its precise splitting results, high quality and the lack of undesired artefacts.

But the best part is that the LALAL.AI extractor is hassle-free and effortless to use. To remove a vocal from a song, you simply need to open the website, upload your file, choose a stem you want to isolate (vocal in our case) and click to process.

The tool does it quickly and precisely, so in a couple of minutes, you’ll get your previews. To get the full versions of split audio, you need to sign up with your email.

Note that you can also extract vocals and instrumentals from videos, not audios alone.

The tool supports all major audio and video formats, including MP3, OGG, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, ACC, MP4, MKV, and AVI.

LALAL.AI has various plans, so every user can find what suits them best.

  • Free: $0.

You’ll get 10 minutes of splitting, 50MB upload size limit per file, MP3, OGG, and WAV formats support.

  • Lite: $10.

For a ten-buck one-time fee, you’ll have 90 minutes of splitting, a 2GB upload size limit, and all formats support.

  • Plus: $20.

This is the plan for those who want to get the most out of the tool: apart from anything available in the Lite plan, you also get 300 minutes of splitting.

They also have solutions for business.

  • Plus: $1,000 per month with 10,000 minutes of splitting.

  • PlusPro: $4,500 per month with 50,000 minutes of splitting.

  • Extra: $8,000 per month with 100,000 minutes of splitting.

If your business needs to process a specific number of minutes, you can try the LALAL.AI’s Pay as You Go solution:

  • Pack 1: $200 for a 1,000-minute limit

  • Pack 2: $540 for a 3,000-minute limit

  • Pack 3: $800 for a 5,000-minute limit

Website: Lalal.ai

  1. Vocal Remover Pro

Vocal Remover Pro is another online tool that allows you to easily extract vocals from a song. The tool currently has about 4 million users and has been providing its services for over a decade.

This online vocal extractor allows you to achieve top-notch splitting results in just a couple of clicks. So whether you need a stem for a karaoke, social media posts, or a mashup, the tool is at your disposal.

Vocal Remover Pro supports MP3, M4A, OGG, AAC and AC3 files. You can use all features of the tool for $20, but the free functionality is also available.

Website: Vocal Remover Pro

  1. AI Vocal Remover

As the name suggests, this is yet another tool for vocal extraction that is AI-based. The service is easy to use and quick to process audio files.

With free AI Vocal Remover, you can choose which stem you need to extract at a time: backtrack, acapella, bass, piano and more.

You can enjoy the tool whether as a web application or an Android app which you can get at Google Play.

Website: AI Vocal Remover

  1. Vocal Remover and Isolation

Vocal Remover and Isolation is a free vocal extractor. It promises to quickly extract voice from music out of a song for free.

Besides this functionality, it also allows you to change audio pitch, speed up or slow down audio playback, trim and cut audio tracks, combine multiple audio tracks into one, record voice, create a karaoke, convert audio files into various formats, detect a song’s BPM, find a key of a song, and test your microphone.

Website: Vocal Remover and Isolation

  1. Phonic Mind

Phonic Mind is an online audio remover that allows you to isolate vocals, drums, bass and other instruments using the Hi-Fi artificial intelligence technology.

The tool saves your output files in the .stem.mp4 format which is convenient for uploading into a pro DJ software.

It’s worth mentioning that the tool has a mobile app available for offline use.

Price plans are as follows:

  • Basic: $6.99 per month

  • Pro: $9.99 per month

Website: Phonic Mind

Vocal Removing Software

  1. Wavosaur

Wavosaur is a free desktop application that is used and designed for audio editing. So apart from vocal extraction, it also can help you with cutting, copying, pasting, inserting, trimming, replacing your audio, pitch shifting, and more!

Notwithstanding the refined functionality of the software, the interface is quite effortless to master.

Website: Wavosaur

  1. Audacity

Audacity is free open-source audio editing software. With Audacity, you can record, edit, mix, apply effects to audio, reduce background noise as well as remove vocals from a song. The latter is probably the simplest you can do with the application.

Website: Audacity

  1. Adobe Audition

Audition is an audio editing application developed and designed by Adobe. Just like other products of the company, the software is quite powerful and stuffed with multiple complex functions.

With this application, you can make professionally sounding audios that can be put into videos, movies, music clips and more. It allows you to record audio and remix them, restore and repair them, reduce noise, create top-quality sounds and more.

The tool is definitely of interest to sound designers, producers, composers and other professionals. But just like other pro tools, this one is quite pricey too.

Price: $20.99 per month.

Website: Adobe Audition

  1. Wavepad

Wavepad is the last but not the least tool that can help you remove a vocal from a song. This is a professional audio editing software that comes with a free and paid plan acceptable for commercial use.

The tool supports about 50 audio formats and provides you with advanced functionality: background noise reduction, spectral analysis, many effects to apply, and even the ability to export your output audio file in a video format or image.

Price: Free

Master version: $5.50 per month.

Website: Wavepad

As you can see, there are many solutions on the market that can help you extract a vocal from a song. A professional powerful tool or a handy online app - it’s up to you to decide which solution you choose. Just remember that when you use your split result and want to unleash your creativity, don’t infringe copyright otherwise this might end up in a backlash for you.

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