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4K Tokkit vs. Urlebird: Choose a Better TikTok Viewer

4K Tokkit vs. Urlebird: Choose a Better TikTok Viewer

If you’re looking for the best TikTok viewer and are torn between 4K Tokkit and Urlebird, search no further.

This article will cover how the two viewers are different and which one you should choose to download TikTok videos and view its content.

What is Urlebird?

Urlebird is a website that allows you to download media content from TikTok and view it right on-site without opening the TikTok browser or app. It means that this website literally stores the content of TikTok users and is not officially associated with the TikTok platform. You may find your own video on the website you never shared it with.

With Urlebird, you can search for TikTok videos by usernames and hashtags. It also allows you to find trending TikTok songs.

4K Tokkit vs Urlebird: Find a Better TikTok Viewer

Unlike Urlebird, 4K Tokkit is a desktop application that requires installation on your PC or Mac. The app is compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux devices.

4K Tokkit doesn’t store anyone’s content; it only allows you to download and view TikTok videos (even offline) and a bit more!

With 4K Tokkit, you can:

Download TikTok videos without URLs but by usernames, hashtags and even sounds

4K Tokkit is a better solution than Urlebird: you just install the app on your PC and search for a relevant hashtag, username, or sound and download videos! You can easily find videos that feature the same TikTok music and download them for offline viewing. To do so, just install and open the app and type the singer's name or a song.

The app automatically views and downloads all new media once you open the app next time.

Download all videos off one creator in-bulk

The tool lets you bulk download videos from TikTok accounts. Save all videos off profiles and grab avatars of TikTok users.

Browse TikTok content without opening the platform

4K Tokkit is not a web service; that’s a desktop tool available for Windows, macOS and Linux. To start browsing Tiktok content, you don't need to open TikTok at all: 4K Tokkit will do everything in-app.

Back up your TikTok account

4K Tokkit allows you not only to enjoy and browse TikTok content on your desktop but to back up your own TikTok account as well.

Within 4K Tokkit, you can follow your own TikTok account and have all new and old media saved on your computer automatically.

As you see, the two tools have quite different functions and work principles, so choose what suits your needs best and enjoy downloading TikTok content for free!

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