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10 Valentine's Day Movies Roundup

10 Valentine's Day Movies Roundup

It's always tricky to select movies for St. Valentine's Day that would appeal to both in the couple. Yet, we've taken the liberty of compiling movies that are not cloyingly romantic but still tell of love.

So if you're at a loss about what to watch this February 14, keep this list in mind.

1. 500 Days of Summer

The protagonist is a copywriter that comes up with funny captions for greeting cards. He falls in love with his colleague and decides she is the only one. But 500 days of their relationship shows him that the path to happiness is unpredictable, uncontrollable and incredibly funny!

2. The Proposal

This is a hilarious comedy starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. The main character is a strict boss hated and feared by almost all her subordinates. Faced with the threat of deportation to her native Canada, a determined woman is ready to do anything - even a fake marriage with her young assistant, who she doesn't find attractive at all. But first, he needs to introduce the bride to the family. This movie is a great witty option for couples who love to laugh.

3. The Dreamers

Paris, 1968 — student demonstrations, barricades in the streets, the air smells of revolution, but three young people have their own reality. Days and nights, they don't leave the house and watch movies. The Dreamers is an excellent choice for viewing alone or with someone you're in love with. Yet, this movie is not a perfect choice for the first date.

4. The Lobster

This picture is one of the most realistic dystopias and a touching story of forbidden love.

Lonely people are arrested and sent to a creepy hotel. There, they are obliged to find a partner in 45 days. If they fail, they are turned into animals and released into the forest. So if you are alone on this day - don't hesitate: turn on the "Lobster", and indulge in reflection.

5. Desperado

The main character (Antonio Banderas) used to be a great musician. He performed with friends in bars and was in love with a beautiful girl. But one day, it all came to an end. Upon the order of a man called Bucho, he was shot in the arm and killed his beloved. And now he's no longer a Musician, but a Desperate. There is no more guitar in his case; now, there is a mountain of weapons instead.

6. Une Nouvelle Amie

Claire is having a hard time after the death of her best friend, Laura. Unexpectedly, she becomes too close to Laura's grief-stricken widower David, who offers her a witty way to get out of depression together. The picture focuses on the characters' sexual self-identification issues.

7. Gone Girl

Just keep this movie in mind in case you feel like watching something extraordinary for Valentine's Day.

8. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Joel and Clementine, once the perfect couple, decide to put each other out of their minds and turn to a memory-erasing company. The paradox is that their love is so strong that this rash decision leads to a very, very unexpected result.

9.Les Chanson's D'amour

Aspiring journalist Ismael loves a smiling blonde Julie, befriends her sister and goes to dinner with her parents.

The weariness of this idyll is ruined by the perky brunette Alice who comes to visit Ismael with Julie in the evenings and stays to spend the night in their bed.

10. Her

Theodore, a lone writer, buys a system designed to fulfil the user's every desire. But it all goes wrong when he finds himself in love with the system.

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