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All About 4K Download Special Discounts: Volume, Educational, Competitor, Loyalty & Benefit

All About 4K Download Special Discounts: Volume, Educational, Competitor, Loyalty & Benefit

4K Download has always strived to remain accessible not only in terms of usability and functionality of our software but when it comes to prices as well. We suppose a few of you know that in addition to sales and special deals we launch throughout the year, we have these five types of discounts: Volume, Educational, Competitor, Loyalty and Benefit. In this article, we’ll uncover a bit more about them.

4K Download Special Discount Offers

These discounts are available all the time, aren’t bound to sales and deals we make during the year and are valid for all our applications.

  • Educational discount: 50% for non-profit and educational organisations.

  • Volume discount: up to 50% off if you buy more than 10 licences on multiple devices.

  • Competitor discount: 10% discount for former clients of our competitors.

  • Loyalty discount: 30% discount on the next product's PRO license if you've already purchased our another product before.

  • Benefit discount: 20% off for senior citizens, people on low incomes and people with disabilities..

You can request one of the discounts on our store page.

Who Is Eligible to Claim the Discounts?

To get the discount, just visit our store page on the 4K Download website, scroll down to find the Discount offer section, choose the option you feel fits you best, and click Request discount. You will then see a pop-up window where you need to enter your email address, choose the type of discount as well as the licence key you need (Personal or Pro), the 4K Download application and the amount of the licences.

Now a bit more information about each of the offers:

Volume discount is available to anyone who wants to purchase more than ten licences.

Educational discount is available for students and workers of educational institutions. If you want to claim the discount, you need to share the organisation in which you work or study with us as well as the email address with the domain name of your institution. If your organisation doesn’t have such an email address, you can confirm you’re its student or staff with other things, such as an ID.

Competitor discount is for our former competitors’ software users. To get the discount, tell us which software you used, what you didn’t like about it, and/or send us a confirmation that you’ve bought that software, such as a check.

Loyalty discount: if you're already our paying customer and bought a licence of any of our apps before, you may claim a 30% discount for another Pro licence. To satisfy your request, we may ask you to confirm you've already bought our licence by sharing your email address associated with the licence key or a check.

Benefit discount: if you're a senior citizen, you're on low income or have a disability and can confirm that, you may request a 20% discount off our products.

Then, regardless of the type you’ve chosen, we just send you a purchase link with the discount applied. The fee is one-time, so you won’t need to pay monthly or yearly to use the 4K Download app.

If you feel you can be eligible for any of the offers, feel free to visit our store page and let us know. We’re always happy to help!

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