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4K Video Downloader 4.22 Released: See What’s Added & Improved

4K Video Downloader 4.22 Released: See What’s Added & Improved

This release brings more new supported sites as well as major fixes and improvements. We’re happy to let you know that the requested YouTube channels and subscription fix has been made in this rollout. Many of you have encountered this issue when YouTube channels fail to parse and/or files from YouTube subscriptions don't download. This is now fixed!

Let’s unfold what else you can enjoy in the release.

New Links Support

Here’s the list of sites that are now supported along with the existing ones:

  • Bilibili.tv single videos

  • Bilibili.com/bangumi subtitles

  • Go.twitch.tv

  • Fb.gg

If you want to download audio and video content from these platforms, the course of action is already familiar to you:

  1. Open one of these websites and find a video you want to download.

  2. Copy its URL and paste it into the new 4K Video Downloader app by clicking the Paste Link button.

  3. After the app is done parsing the media, you’ll be offered to choose the quality and format in which you want to save the content. Select the setup you need, and 4K Video Downloader will do the rest.

Major Improvements & Bug Fixes

YouTube channels and playlist parsing is fixed: The new version enables you to save YouTube channels and playlists with no errors or bugs when the app is parsing the content. The flow is as smooth as it used to be.

Some more YouTube-related bug fixes:

  • YouTube age-restricted videos' slow download has been fixed.

  • Incorrect YouTube channels’ video count issue has been fixed.

  • Auto-translated YouTube subtitles downloading has been fixed.

Vimeo videos: Vimeo Showcase, Vimeo Pro, some Vimeo videos and player.vimeo.com parsing and downloading are now error-free, so your downloading won’t be disturbed.

Bilibili subtitles: Bilibili videos can now be saved with the correct subtitles.

Titles of Facebook, BitChute, and Likee videos are displayed correctly again.

And many other fixes and improvements are waiting for you in the release.

Check for updates within the application or install the new version from our site.

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