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4K Tokkit Features You Might Have Missed

4K Tokkit Features You Might Have Missed

4K Tokkit is constantly improved and updated by our team. This year alone, we’ve released six updates, with several new features and a multitude of improvements among them. No wonder that it might become complicated to track all new features and discover old ones. This is why we’ve made this list to help you find useful functionality you might’ve missed.

Download Liked Videos

This is a new feature available in 4K Tokkit starting with the 1.6 version. As the name suggests, you can now download videos you liked on TikTok and save TikTok videos that other users liked. Note that this feature is available to Lite, Personal, and Pro users only.

To download TikTok videos you liked, find Edit -> Download My Liked Videos.

Download Private Accounts You Follow

You can download videos of private accounts you’re following on TikTok with 4K Tokkit. This feature is available only once you’re logged in to TikTok within the 4K app. If you’re logged in, this feature works pretty much the same as other 4K Tokkit functions: you simply need to enter the user’s TikTok handle or insert their account URL, then hit the Download button.

Download Single Videos

This year we’ve released a feature that allows you to save single TikTok videos in addition to batch download. To do this, just simply copy and paste the URL of the video you want to download into the search bar within 4K Tokkit and press the Download button. The video will be saved on your device.

Update Pinned Subscriptions

If you want to update only the subscriptions you pinned, you can easily do that in 4K Tokkit. Simply press the update icon of your pinned subscription, and 4K Tokkit will do the rest!

Uninterrupted Subscriptions Download

This functionality allows you to save large accounts and hashtags without having to approve the download of every 1,000 items. The feature is available to Pro users only.

Subscribing via URL

Due to issues with search, we've added the possibility to subscribe to accounts, hashtags, and sounds by pasting the link into the search bar. So now the download of entire TikTok accounts, hashtags batch download, and saving of videos with the same sound has become even smoother: all you need to do is to copy and paste the URL into the search bar and hit the Download button.

Auto Update

Lite, Personal, and Pro 4K Tokkit users can automatically update their subscriptions upon any new app launch. If you’re a free user and you’re tired of updating your subscriptions manually, you can upgrade and have them updated automatically.

Personal and Pro users can already do that by following these steps:

  1. Open Settings -> General.

  2. Find Auto Update and choose one of the two scenarios: update all subscriptions or only the ones you pinned.

Close the window and enjoy your subscriptions' auto updates!

We hope this piece has helped you find more 4K Tokkit features and get the most out of your experience.

If you have any feedback or feature ideas, you can reach out to us on Reddit.

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