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4K Download 2022 Wrapped: What We’re Proud Of This Year

4K Download 2022 Wrapped: What We’re Proud Of This Year

At the end of each year, we traditionally send our thanks and appreciation to you for your support, and this year is no exception. 2022 has been challenging for all of us, yet there’s a myriad of events and reasons to remember the year with warmth.

Here’s the roundup of moments we’ll gladly recollect!

4K Video Downloader New UI

Throughout the year, we’ve worked on the new UI of our flagship application — 4K Video Downloader. The new user interface enables us to add more features to the app, make it look consistent with our other solutions, and quickly fix any bug or issue you might face. The new design is so far in beta, and you can install our next beta release by becoming our beta tester or simply take a glimpse of how it looks.

More Sites Support Added

While working on 4K Video Downloader, we've always remembered to improve other apps in the 4K Download software family. So this year, to answer your calls and requests, we’ve added Rumble, BitChute, Go.twitch.tv, Fb.gg, and more sources to the supported sites, in addition to dozens of others.

Join our Reddit community and contribute to the unsupported site request thread to let us know which site we should add next!

More Features Added

In addition to the sites we now support, we further improved our solutions functionality-wise by adding a plethora of new features and even more fixes and improvements.

So now you can:

  • Download videos you liked on TikTok and save single TikTok videos in 4K Tokkit.

  • Save Reels posted on the Instagram grid with 4K Stogram.

  • Save TikTok videos that contain the same song, and so, so many more novelties in our apps.

If you can’t find some of those, please make sure you currently use the latest versions of the 4K Download software.

New Lite License

Lite is a licence that costs $10 a year and gives you access to the main features of one app that you choose. The licence provides unlimited access only to the main features of the chosen software, not the whole feature set.

Note that the Lite licence runs as a yearly subscription, not a one-time fee. This is the cheapest licence we have available, yet it has certain limitations.

The Lite licence gives you unlimited main feature access for one year only for one tool you buy this licence for. So if you want to unlock the unlimited access of several tools simultaneously, you’d better opt for our 4K Bundle Pro, which is pricier than Lite but unlocks the entirely limitless functionality of six tools at a time — 4K Video Downloader, 4K Stogram, 4K Tokkit, 4K YouTube to MP3, and 4K Video Downloader for Android.

TechRadar #1 Video Downloader in 2022

Once more, our friends and tech geeks from TechRadar have acknowledged 4K Video Downloader as the supreme tool to save videos in 2022. Thank you! Hopefully, we’ll lead the list next year as well.

4K Download Press & Media Mentions

This year, the 4K Download software has been featured in dozens of tech magazines, such as DigitalTrends, Mactrast, Gamergen, and more!

4K Download 2022 Recap in Numbers

These are the numbers we’ve reached this year:

  • 13+ million new users joined 4K Download apps

  • 1,1 million enquiries answered by our support team (or rather, care team)

  • 15% growth across the Chinese market

  • 1,200 affiliates joined (become part of our fam and make money with us too!)

  • 890 million audio and videos downloaded with 4K Download

  • 50+ updates released

Hope to double these numbers next year, and thank you for being with us! The whole 4K Download team wishes you a Happy New Year!

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