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7 Amazing Things Only 4K Tokkit Can Do

7 Amazing Things Only 4K Tokkit Can Do

4K Tokkit, our desktop TikTok viewer and downloader, always gets new features upon your requests. Throughout these years, since we launched 4K Tokkit, we’ve added a plethora of amazing features, trying to comply with your expectations and desires.

Apart from basic TikTok video downloading functionality, 4K Tokkit is capable of other great stuff, which makes it a nearly an all-in-one TikTok downloading solution. This article reveals which one, exactly.

Remove a Watermark from a TikTok Video

This feature is new, and we’re still improving it, but now you can remove a watermark from a TikTok video with 4K Tokkit.

Note that the app doesn't download videos without the watermark! It only allows you to remove the watermark from the videos you've already downloaded. The feature is available only to Lite, Personal, and Pro users.

There are five ways you can access the watermark removal feature:

  • From the main menu of the app (Edit -> Remove Watermark).

  • From the Videos Without Watermark option on the main window.

  • Through the Control Panel (Remove Watermark button).

  • Right-clicking on the item you've previously downloaded (select the video, right-click on it, and press Remove Watermark).

  • Clicking the Remove Watermark button on the Single video preview after you download it.

If you reach the watermark removal feature through the main menu or Control Panel, you can multi-select several videos to remove watermarks from. You can find the watermark-free videos in the Videos Without Watermarks stack.

Download TikTok Liked Videos

4K Tokkit lets you save the TikTok videos you or someone else liked. You can download someone else’s liked videos only if they are publicly available, and you can see the Liked tab when visiting the user’s profile.

To download TikTok videos you liked, find Edit -> Download My Liked Videos.

Download Private TikTok Accounts

Once logged in, you’re able to save videos of private TikTok accounts that you follow on the platform. To download private content, log in to your TikTok account within 4K Tokkit and enter the user’s name whose account you want to save. Then hit the Download button. 4K Tokkit will quickly do the rest.

Download Single Videos & Videos in Bulk

Whether you want to download an individual TikTok video or a pack of them, we got you covered. To download a single video, simply copy the video link and paste it into the 4K Tokkit in-app search bar.

To download a whole lot of videos in bulk, enter an account handle, hashtag, or song and download all videos associated with them.

Tip: You can download the videos according to the date they’ve been uploaded on TikTok. Just click on the Download Options icon next to the Download button and select the date range.

Auto Download Content of Current Subscriptions

Lite, Personal, and Pro 4K Tokkit users can have videos of their subscriptions automatically downloaded upon any app launch. To do that, open Settings -> General -> Auto Update and choose one of the two scenarios: update all subscriptions or only the ones you pinned.

If you want to update only the subscriptions you pinned, you can also do that in 4K Tokkit. Simply press the update icon of your pinned subscription, and 4K Tokkit will do the rest!

Back Up Your Own TikTok Account

If you want to save your own TikTok content for good just to be on the safe side, 4K Tokkit is capable of that as well. Simply enter your TikTok handle into the search bar or paste a link to your account and press Download. 4K Tokkit will save all your videos as well as captions and a user picture on your desktop.

Download TikTok Videos with the Same Music

Typically, TikTok video downloaders let you save the content of TikTok users or videos tagged with the same hashtag. 4K Tokkit has gone further than that and is capable of saving videos that have the same audio track in them. So if you want to download all or multiple TikTok videos that feature the same music, enter a track name into the search bar and press Download. All the media containing that audio will be saved on your desktop.

Hope some of the features we’ve listed above are new to you. If you have any feedback or feature ideas, you can reach out to us on Reddit — thus, you help us make 4K Tokkit even better.

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