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All About Auto Update in 4K Stogram & 4K Tokkit

All About Auto Update in 4K Stogram & 4K Tokkit

4K Stogram and 4K Tokkit allow you to have all new content of your current subscriptions automatically saved on your device, thanks to the update feature. You can manually update your subscriptions, but a better deal would be to switch on the Auto Update.

In this piece, we’ll tell you everything about the Auto Update feature in 4K Tokkit and 4K Stogram.

What Is the Auto Update Feature?

When you download someone else’s TikTok or Instagram content with the 4K Download software and enter usernames, hashtags, locations, or audio tracks into the search field, they automatically become your ‘subscriptions’ and remain on the main app window unless you manually remove them.

If you want to get new content from these subscriptions with no need to subscribe to them again every time, you can manually update them once you launch the app or make them update automatically. This is when Auto Update comes in.

With Auto Update on, 4K Tokkit or 4K Stogram will update all or selected subscriptions upon a new launch.

How to Access Auto Update & How It Works

To access the Auto Update feature, you need to be a Lite, Personal, or Pro user of 4K Tokkit and Pro plan user of 4K Stogram. You can find the Auto Update feature in Preferences -> General -> Auto Update both in 4K Stogram and 4K Tokkit.

Under Auto Update, enable this feature by selecting the Update All option if you want to update all of your current subscriptions or Update Pinned to update only selected subscriptions. If you choose the latter, make sure you have pinned at least one subscription.

Depending on the apps, Auto Update has different update intervals.

In 4K Tokkit, you can auto update the content only once in 24 hours.

In 4K Stogram, there are four intervals: 6 hours, 12 hours, 18 hours, and 24 hours. This is made because of stories that disappear 24 hours after they are uploaded. However, using Auto Update in 4K Stogram requires caution. Let’s delve deeper into that.

Best Practices to Use Auto Update in 4K Stogram

Due to the new detection algorithms, Instagram easily tracks when users log in to their accounts on third-party apps, so downloading thousands of files can trigger Instagram servers severely. Therefore, updating too many subscriptions in short time intervals may cause 4K Stogram login issues or, in some cases, Instagram account suspension, let alone taking too much time and computer space. Because of that, 4K Stogram updates only one subscription at a time. When it finishes, the next one starts updating.

If you have a lot of subscriptions, it’s better to increase the time of the auto-update period. By default, it’s set to 6 hours; we recommend selecting at least 18 hours or 1 day. The longer this period is, the less Instagram servers are triggered.

Another tip is to pin the subscriptions in 4K Stogram; if you need to update only several users, you can pin them.

Your Questions About Auto Update (with Our Answers)

  1. Why are there no intervals shorter than 6 hours in 4K Stogram?

The update period of fewer than 6 hours has been eliminated because of reduced Instagram action limits. If the app updates subscriptions in less period of time than an hour, it can lead to issues with downloading and affect the security of your Instagram account.

  1. How many subscriptions are loaded at a time by 4K Tokkit and 4K Stogram?

Both 4K Stogram and 4K Tokkit can only auto update one subscription at a time. This is implemented in such a way in order to prevent downloading issues and possible problems with your accounts on these platforms.

What’s more, there’s a short pause between the auto update of one subscription after another in 4K Tokkit. For you, it may seem like nothing is happening, but in fact, 4K Tokkit updates your subscriptions. It just does it slowly to prevent downloading issues.

  1. Are you planning to remove this pause between the auto update of several subscriptions in 4K Tokkit?

We don’t have such plans so far because it may potentially harm your TikTok account and lead to download issues.

Hopefully, you’ve found this useful. Install 4K Stogram and 4K Tokkit if you haven’t already, and join our community on Reddit.

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