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4K Stogram 4.8 Released: No More Authorisation Errors & Many More Improvements

4K Stogram 4.8 Released: No More Authorisation Errors & Many More Improvements

We're pleased to share the latest update of 4K Stogram —version 4.8! This release brings several enhancements and fixes that aim to refine your Instagram downloading experience. Here’s how.

Authorisation Issues Are Fixed

We're happy to report that we've addressed the "Internal API error upon authorisation" issue. Through diligent investigation, we've identified and resolved the underlying cause to ensure smoother authorisation processes. If you encounter any challenges post-update, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team for assistance.

Customisable Interaction Intensity Is Added

In this release, we're introducing a new setting—the "Interaction Intensity," which is strict moderation of the time periods between subscription updates. This addition allows you to adjust the intensity of your Instagram actions based on your preferences. Whether you prefer a more relaxed approach or a more active presence, you can now personalise your settings accordingly. However, we advise caution when modifying intensity levels, as the excessive activity may result in relogins or challenges and potentially lead to your account suspension. You can access the setting through Settings -> General -> Interaction Intensity.

Enhanced Authorisation Device Management

We've updated the authorisation devices list to provide greater transparency and control over the devices accessing your Instagram account through the app. These devices are used to log in to your account through the app. You may have seen the names of the devices in the emails from Instagram sent after trying to sign in to your account. This improvement aims to enhance your awareness of your account's security status.

User Interface Improvements

Based on user feedback, we've made various minor UI/UX enhancements to ensure a smoother and more enjoyable browsing experience. These changes, ranging from subtle adjustments to significant improvements, aim to elevate your interaction with 4K Stogram.

Update to 4K Stogram 4.8 to access the latest features and improvements. Happy Stogramming!

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