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4K Image Compressor Now Supports PDF: Update to the Latest 1.3 Version to Unlock It

4K Image Compressor Now Supports PDF: Update to the Latest 1.3 Version to Unlock It

One of the most anticipated features of 4K Image Compressor, PDF support, is finally out! We’re thrilled to announce the release of 4K Image Compressor 1.3, the latest version of our powerful image compression tool. Here’s what you’ll find once you press the Check for Updates button within the app.

PDF Compression

One of the highlights of this release is the addition of PDF compression functionality. Now, you can enjoy the convenience of compressing PDF files alongside images of PNG, JPEG, WEBP, and HEIC. Simply select "Auto" in the Optimization section of the menu bar to use this feature. You can further customize PDF compression settings by clicking the settings icon, adjusting the quality, or selecting from various auto-optimization presets.

Note that while PDF files can be compressed, they cannot be converted to other formats, nor can other formats be converted to PDF.

New Overflow Menu

To enhance navigation and accessibility within the application, we've introduced an overflow menu. You can now easily access additional options by clicking the three-dot menu located next to each item in the application list. This feature streamlines the user experience, allowing for quick access to context menus and additional actions.

Improved Suboptimal Result Warning

In this update, we've refined the suboptimal result warning to provide a clearer indication when the output file size exceeds the input file size. This warning will now only be displayed when the input and output formats are the same, ensuring you’re alerted to potential discrepancies in compression outcomes.

Enhanced Double-Click Response

In response to your feedback, we've adjusted the double-click response within the application. Previously, double-clicking an item would open the folder containing the file. With the current update, double-clicking now opens the image itself.

Download the latest 1.3 version from our site or update within the app (the Check for Updates button).

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