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How to Easily Manage Content You Save with 4K Video Downloader Plus

How to Easily Manage Content You Save with 4K Video Downloader Plus

4K Video Downloader Plus is different from its predecessor in a way you can manage your downloads. This isn’t the only difference, though, but in this blog post, we’ll share everything you should know about how you can easily search for the content you download and manage it hassle-free.

Tabs with downloaded content

The main window of 4K vIdeo Downloader Plus has tabs that filter content by its type – Video, Audio, Playlists, Channels, Subscriptions, and All.

If you have only a few files like here on the screenshot, the downloads management functionality is probably not as useful for you as for someone who downloads thousands of audio and video daily. If you’re one of these users, you can leverage the downloads management to streamline your search for specific content.

Here are the available tabs:

  • All: This tab stores everything you’ve downloaded with 4K Video Downloader Plus—audio, video, playlists, channels, and subtitles.

  • Video: As the name suggests, this tab stores only videos (in MKV and MP4).

  • Audio stores only audio content (in M4A, MP3, and OGG).

  • Channels: The tab has all the channels you’ve downloaded from YouTube.

  • Playlists: All the playlists you’ve downloaded from YouTube, Bilibili, or other sites are listed here.

Sorting & search

To find the content you’ve downloaded on a specific day and sort it from old to new, you can use the Date Added sorting. If you want to sort it from new to old, choose the Descending sorting as well.

To sort the content in alphabetical order, opt for the Name sorting.

If you’re looking for a video or audio and you clearly remember at least part of its name, and/or playlist, or channel that you saved it from, use the search field instead. Just click on it and start entering a query—4K Video Downloader Plus will suggest some results from which you can jump right to the content you’re looking for.

More tips to help you manage your downloads

If you want to have even more control over your downloaded content, you can use some additional features from the Advanced Preferences section.

To head over to Preferences, find a gear icon and click on it.

Then find the Advanced tab.

There, you’ll see a bunch of toggles, so when you select some of them, you'll take your content download management to the next level. Here they are:

  • Create subdirectories for downloaded playlists, channels and search results. If you choose this option, you’ll allow 4K Video Downloader Plus to create additional subfolders for playlists, channels, and search results within the main folder. If this toggle is off, the app creates one folder where your entire content is stored.

  • Numerate files in playlists, channels, and search results.

  • Skip duplicates in playlists and search results. When this option is selected, 4K Video Downloader Plus won’t parse videos or audio it has already downloaded.

  • Remove downloaded items from the list. If you want to keep the downloaded items only in your computer folder, not within 4K Video Downloader plus itself, select this option.

What’s more, 4K Video Downloader Plus exports the downloaded files and subscriptions as a single JSON file instead of two separate CSV like 4K Video Downloader does. The implementation of JSON allows us to improve the export/import feature further.

To try 4K Video Downloader Plus, install it from our official website.

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