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  2. 10 Extremely Useful YouTube Hacks That You Probably Never Heard Of!

10 Extremely Useful YouTube Hacks That You Probably Never Heard Of!

10 Extremely Useful YouTube Hacks That You  Probably Never Heard Of!

Nowadays almost every person is somewhat addicted to YouTube and it’s no wonder: millions of entertaining videos for any taste, music clips, live show recordings, tutorials, cartoons, even full-length movies and unique content from talented creators specializing on any imaginable subject may easily win over even the most stubborn and apathetic ones.

As huge YouTube fans ourselves we want to share the most useful tips and tricks that will make your YouTube experience more smooth and fun.

One of the top searched YouTube tricks is of course downloading videos and audios from it.

We believe it’s safe to assume that if you’re reading this, you have already did a search on this topic and have decided that our 4K Video Downloader and 4K YouTube to MP3 applications are the best option there is for you, but just in case here’s a reminder how to get YouTube video, playlist or channel in the best quality available to your Mac, Windows or Linux and how to convert any YouTube video to MP3 and save to your computer.

  1. Create GIFs out of YouTube videos right away

Go to a page of any YouTube video, type ‘gif’ before ‘youtube.com/..’ in URL bar of your browser:


Then click ‘Enter’ and you will be immediately redirected to gif.com where you can choose the length of the gif, add filters and captions and pick a direct link to the final result, get link for embedding to your website or will be able to simply save the gif file to your computer:


2. Repeat YouTube videos

Want to rock to favorite song or video while cleaning the room or writing a piece for college, but the need to always return to YouTube tab and press the play button distracts your attention every time? It’s not a problem anymore!

All you need to do is to replace ‘youtube’ in URL bar with ‘listenonrepeat’, just like this:


After pressing ‘Enter’ you will be moved to listenonrepeat website:


The chosen YouTube video or song will not only be repeated, the site will also prevent YouTube ad from repetition if you don’t have AdBlock extension in your browser, as well as you will be able to choose an exact point when the video should stop and repeat itself after it reached the picked time limit, to see recommendations for similar videos\artists (and we must note that they are extremely on point!) and also check the most repeated videos and find new jams for yourself.

3. Find all music of particular music artist in one click

Instead of doing separate multiply searches on songs, albums, playlists and related channels, you may type into YouTube’s search bar hashtag sign and artists name. After this you’ll see Topic page where all artist info and media are conveniently listed:


4. Floating YouTube

Floating YouTube will make the minimized YouTube video player window float while you're scrolling down to read comments or see full list of recommendations, for instance.

Click here to download Floating YouTube App

Click here to download Floating YouTube extension

5. Magic Actions

Magic Actions for YouTube extension provides mouse-wheel volume control, cinema mode theme, blocks annoying ads, 1-click snapshot taking feature and much, much more.

Click here to download Magic Actions for Chrome

6. vidIQ Vision

vidIQ comes in handy when you need something like Google Analytics but for YouTube.

This extension extracts useful data, such as number of views per hour, tags, keywords, etc.

Click here to download vidIQ Vision for Google Chrome

7. Customization of YouTube with SmartVideo

This extension is an ultimate optimizer of your YouTube experience.

Auto loop, ability to set quality selection and never have to change video quality again, ‘Smart Buffer’ option for slow Internet connections and more:

Click here to download SmartVideo extension for Google Chrome

Click here to download SmartVideo addon for Mozilla Firefox

8. 4K Video Downloader

Create and download playlists and even whole channels in highest resolution available, subscribe to YouTube channels right within application and get new videos from channels downloaded to your computer immediately after they are uploaded to YouTube!


9. Edit your videos

If you edit your video content before uploading it on YouTube for the whole world to see, you might want to try YouTube’s very own editor.

Add audio tracks of your own or from YouTube search, trim the video file to preferable length, add filters and use special tools to customize the uploading video:


10. Helpful Youtube keyboard shortcuts

J - Jump back 10 seconds

K - Pause/Resume

L - Jump forward 10 seconds

M - Mute/Unmute audio

F - Enter/Exit full screen

Open bracket/shift-comma will decrease playback speed;

Сlose bracket/shift-period will increase playback speed.

Comma (,) - jump back a few frames while paused (tap fast or hold for reverse slow motion);

Period (.) - jump fwd a few frames while paused (tap fast or hold for forward slow motion).

Up and down arrows can be used to adjust volume of YouTube’s video.

Left and right arrows on your keyboard will help jumping back and forward 5 seconds.

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