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How to use 360 Degree Videos for Marketing

How to use 360 Degree Videos for Marketing

Everybody heard of 360 degree videos, also known as spherical or immersive videos, but not many aware of their marketing potential. A brand new way of video recording using omnidirectional camera to shot a view in every direction at the same time produces interesting, fun and helpful videos to watch. A viewer can control the viewing direction like a panorama during playback of 360 degree videos.

Such videos can be extremely helpful for your business marketing, especially if you own a beauty salon, a shop, run realtor or automobile dealership business. Upload video tours to Google Map Street View, post on your Facebook fan page and potential clients will much more likely note your place and appreciate your modern and smart approach.

What you can do

1. Create 360 video of your office place exterior and interior - High-detailed videos from which people can learn how to find your shop or showroom, make video tour inside your shop, demonstrating the service highlights that may catch attention of potential customers.

2. Make a viral video - If your business specializes on selling services and brand products that deal with sports or tourism, you are extremely likely to make a video about your product go viral and make your business truly flourish. Include imagery of different extreme sports activities, such as snowboarding, parachuting, or car racing, top it with beautiful landscape shots and catch the most attention!

3. Use immersive videos as your video ads on YouTube True View to get more engagement. 360 degree videos motivate viewers to watch and interact more in comparison to regular ads, therefore more effective than standard videos.

4. Try to create something special - Make something no one in your field has done before and film or animated in 360 degrees. Even the most crazy idea can become reality with today’s technology, make a use of it! Now it is even possible to create a 360 degree gameplay video that brought the attention of quite a number of people - 44 million of views and counting :

So think of something creative and extraordinary for your brand’s marketing and bring it to life with the help of 360 degrees videos!

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