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Meet New 4K Stogram 3.0 and Update Now!

Meet New 4K Stogram 3.0 and Update Now!

The 4K Download team is happy to announce the release of the new 4K Stogram version. 4K Stogram 3.0 has an entirely fresh design and various cool features you can now enjoy. So, what’s new in the release?

New filters and sortings

Now you can sort your subscriptions and their content by a specific type. Discover your subscriptions by Users, Hashtags and Locations.

Open your subscriptions in a specific tab and explore content posted in photos, videos, stories and highlights.

Also, now you can filter your subscriptions by two main parameters: date added and alphabetical order. Your subscriptions can be sorted only by alphabetical order. The date added parameter is available for subscriptions and photos, as well.

It’s also possible to sort your subscriptions with the Custom Order which means you can set up the order you like. If you choose this sorting, you can also move and pin your subscriptions.

Mixed search

4K Stogram 3.0 also has an Instagram-like mixed search function. Now, when you start searching for content within 4K Stogram, search results which you can subscribe to pop up - hashtags , places , and accounts. Note that now this is the only way to subscribe to a location.

Advanced download options

Now, before you subscribe to an account, hashtag or location, you can choose what content you want to download from each of them. To do so, start searching for a user, hashtag or place you want to download content from. Then tap on the button next to the Subscribe one and choose which types of media you want to save - photo posts, video posts, stories or highlights.

Note that you can set up this parameter before you press the Subscribe button.

Migration and downgrade protection

Now, 4K Stogram downgrade stability is enhanced and the app protects you during the migration process.

When you try to downgrade to a previous version which is too old, you will need to either update to the latest version or back up the information and remain on the current version with all data reset.

Download 4K Stogram 3.0 from the website or update within the app now! The app is available for Windows, Ubuntu, and macOS.

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