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What Is a Likee App? A Guide for Newbies

What Is a Likee App? A Guide for Newbies

Formerly known as LIKE, a Singaporean short-video app Likee is now the fourth-most downloaded app worldwide. Now the app has garnered more than 115 million monthly active users and experienced a more than 200% registers increase in 2019 alone. Together with the 4K Download team, let’s figure out what Likee is and why the app has become so popular.

What is Likee

Likee is a video-sharing and editing app with plenty of effects, transitions, and music tracks. This is a social media platform and a video-editing app at the same time. The platform, like its primary competitor TikTok , is occupied by kids and teenagers and has an age restriction 15+ for US citizens, 16+ for the EU citizens and 12+ for Russians. In fact, though, there are plenty of kids who look younger than this.

Driven by its superior video creation suite, advanced artificial intelligence-based curation and 4D effects, extensive music library and over 1000 video effects including beauty and video filters and stickers, Likee has seen explosive growth since its launch.

Likee emerged in 2017 and managed to earn a prestigious Google Award the same year. The developers of the app are BIGO TECHNOLOGY corporation with a head office in Singapore.

Functionality of Likee

With the app, you can do the following:

  • Publish short videos no longer than 15 seconds.

  • Create and use hashtags.

  • Take part in challenges and giveaways.

  • Stream live.

  • Earn Likee money (beans and diamonds). You can convert diamonds into real money and withdraw them later. 210 Likee diamonds equal to 1 US dollar.

  • With the level system where the higher level you gain, the more you can do within the app.

  • Use thousands of stickers, emoticons, music tracks and effects to produce creative content.

  • Quickly meet new friends in your city through short videos with the "Nearby" feature.

The app’s interface is simple, so even kids and not tech-savvy users can master it.

The heart of Likee is effects, a tool that attracts more and more clients each day.

Along with effects, Likee has more than 150 stickers and masks. The Shaping Magic tool lets you change your body shape online. A large music library (Music Magic) allows you to choose from a variety of tracks. Thanks to stabilisation, you can easily synchronise your video to a chosen track.

The Supreme feature lets you make a blockbuster video in seconds or make an exclusive music video in less than a minute.

Likee’s levels and rewards

To stimulate users to upload new quality videos, the app has a level system. Upon mastering a new level, you garner more functionality. For instance, starting with the 40th level, you can host live streams, and those who have the 35th level and higher can remove the Likee watermark from photos and videos.

To level up, you need to be active on Likee - like, comment, share, browse, message and follow other accounts.

Apart from levels, users get crowns, a sign of popularity on the platform. They guarantee that your content will get on Trending and Discover pages. There are three types of Likee crowns - silver, gold and diamond.

You can get the crown only if you achieve certain results within the app.

  1. To get a silver crown, you need to gain at least 3,000 followers with at least 50 videos in your account. Your followers need to be older than 10 years of age.

  2. For a golden crown, a more prestigious award of Likee, your following count should be equal to 10,000 and you need to upload at least 100 clips.

  3. To get a premium crown, attract 100,000 followers and be active on other social media.

How to use Likee

Likee has mobile apps for iPhone and Android as well as a web version. To start your Likee journey, install the app on your smartphone and sign up. The mobile app Home page splits into three content parts - Follow with the videos of those who you’re subscribed to, Popular with trending videos and Live displaying live streams.

By pressing on the search button, you’ll discover trending hashtag challenges, weekly highlights with the hottest videos of the week, Likee quizzes and even wallpapers for your smartphone. Leaderboard displays top creators in different countries and globally and Magic Live shows you live streams from those you follow, popular streams, streams from people living nearby and global live streams. Heading to the Global tab, you can manually choose a country you want to see streams from.

Web-version of Likee is a bit more straightforward. The Trending page shows you the latest Likee videos as well as popular Likee creators and flash mobs.

Discover tab allows you to explore Likee creators and hashtag challenges trending at the moment. Now, the web has a temporary Coronavirus Disease tab with the latest update and tips on the COVID-19 virus.

With 4K Video Downloader , you can save any Likee video or a channel in one click. To do so, open a video and copy the URL address in your browser. Then open the 4K Video Downloader app and paste the link within. That’s all! The app will start parsing the video and will save it on your PC. You can watch it with any of your video players.

Why is Likee so popular

As noted above, Likee offers a range of video creation and editing tools, including effects, touch-up options, and ‘4D effects’.

In addition to this, Likee also has live-streaming functionality and a face swap feature that it calls ‘ FaceMagic ’, which enables users to ‘be any superstar or movie role that you like instantly’.

Another reason why Likee is becoming more popular these days is that its audience is mostly kids, they like the element of gamification the app offers.

Besides, don’t forget that Likee currency can be converted into US dollars and be withdrawn offline. Which other social media channel can offer this?

Notwithstanding that the vast majority of Likee’s audience is kids, there are videos that may be interesting for a grown-up audience, too.

All in all, Likee has so many features that no other social media app owns, which is why the platform is growing exponentially year by year.

Conclusive thought on Likee

After spending a couple of days scrolling through Likee’s content, I dare say the app is full of cringy videos made by kids who are ready for anything to gain instant fame. Yet, the app has lots of features for discovery. Unlike TikTok, for instance, you can explore content from other countries and find the content you’re really interested in.

Yet, if you’re a parent reading this and you know your kid is using Likee, you need to be careful since it’s rather easy for any other people to contact your kid and request any data like photos, videos and alike. If you’re concerned about what content your kids consume within Likee, you’d better enable Parental Controls. Thus you will be sure that any irrelevant content is filtered, private messaging, online broadcasting, cash withdrawals and Diamond recharge are disabled.

If you want to filter what your kids watch on Likee or save some videos you like, download them with 4K Video Downloader on your PC or Mac and enjoy the content even when you’re offline.

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