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  2. 10 Best TikTok Creators to Follow - 2022 Selection

10 Best TikTok Creators to Follow - 2022 Selection

10 Best TikTok Creators to Follow - 2022 Selection

TikTok’s monthly active users count 800 million, and not all of them are kids making funny vines. TikTok has lots of influential creators who you’d like to follow.

They get invites to fashion shows, music videos, fashion designers collaborate with them and their social media channels are followed by millions of people. These creators are inspiring because they are not Instagram celebrities or polished Hollywood stars.

TikTokers represent the new generation of influencers. In this piece, the 4K Download team will cover the best TikTok creators of 2020 you should definitely follow and inspire to stay on top of the latest digital trends.

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  1. Loren Gray - 43.3 million followers

The top spot in the world of the most influential TikTok creators takes Loren Gray, a singer and an influencer. Initially, Loren Gray gained her fame in 2015 on Musical.ly (previous name of TikTok) but afterwards, she was bullied at her school and forced to move to another town. Then she started mastering TikTok where she shared viral dance videos. Now Loren Gray is popular not only as a TikTok creator but also as a singer.

  1. Baby Ariel - 33.1 million followers

Ariel Rebecca Martin is 18 years old and is an actress and a singer. Baby Ariel creates dance clips but that’s not the only thing that made her famous. Baby Ariel records songs, stars in TV series and takes part in various talk shows. On TikTok, she got noticed and appreciated by her fans after the anti-bullying campaign in 2015. And in 2017, Time magazine called her one of the most influential TikTokers the world over.



♬ original sound - marbarboyce

  1. Zack King - 43.2 million followers

Zack King is a professional motion designer who became a pure star due to vines and videos on YouTube and TikTok. Zack uses his professional editing skills to create video content which breaks the rules of science and looks magical. On TikTok, he shares tricks which made him one of the most popular TikTok creator.


Kids make life more interesting ##family ##happyathome ##magic

♬ original sound - zachking

  1. Charlie D’Amelio - 56.7 million followers

Charlie’s TikTok channel exists for about a year and it has already gained almost 57 million followers! It continues to grow at a rapid pace month by month. Charlie D’Amelio became popular due to her viral and yet complicated dance videos which are so appreciated on TikTok. She always dances to the latest music hits of the most trending artists. Charlie’s influence is so extent that TikTok users even say if Charlie dances to a song, this will definitely become a hit.

  1. Riyaz Aly - 38.8 million followers

Riyaz Aly is an Indian actor who is only 15 years of age but that he has already become a social media influencer and a true fashion icon. The reason for this is his bright and unique TikTok videos. His personal TikTok hashtag #DuetWithRiyaz has become extremely popular among TikTok users. With this hashtag, Riyaz calls his followership to participate in challenges and make duets with him.


Specially mere pados wali aunty ke liye i.b :@agnihotri__ajay ##riyaz ##duetwithriyaz

♬ original sound - riyaz.14

  1. Gil Croes - 27.1 million followers

In his home country, Gil Croes is known as a model and an actor who got an award for the best male role at the short films festival. But his worldwide fame has nothing to do with his acting career. Gil attracted millions of followers after he started sharing videos on TikTok. His content ideas, video plots and video characters are unique. Gil also creates a series of videos with the same plot and characters.


Does anyone have a Bible that I can borrow?

♬ Wipe It Down - BMW KENNY

Gil is popular on YouTube, too, where he makes videos with his brother for a channel ‘Croes Bros’.

  1. Jacob Sartorius - 23.4 million followers

Rolph Jacob Sartorius is just 17 years old but such a young age is not an obstacle to be popular. Jacob Sartorius is a famous TikToker and his own single ‘Sweatshirt’ is even in the Hot 100 chart. His TikTok is full of creative videos with interesting transitions and effects.


this is how i put my pants on

♬ Wing$ - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

  1. Kristen Hancher - 23.9 million followers

Before becoming a famous TikTok creator, Kristen shared her makeup tutorials on YouTube but to craft the TikTok platform, Kristen shares dance videos and vines. On her videos, she showcases her makeup artist skills and fashion experiments.



♬ ABCDEFG I Have to Go from KUWTK - e_entertainment

  1. Cameron Dallas - 18.1 million followers

Cameron Alexander Dallas became popular back in the day when YouTube was full of vines. Moreover, after he gained his followership on TikTok he got a movie role and owns a reality show on Netflix.


this was almost impossible to film his name is Bandit! That’s when he was 2 weeks old, now he’s 2

♬ I'm Just a Kid - Simple Plan

  1. Brent Rivera - 27.4 million followers

American actor Brent Rivera starred in multiple TV series and movies yet the world knows him he for his TikTok comedy sketches. In a clip several seconds long, Brent puts so much humour and emotions that not every feature film possesses.


Little siblings always get their way@lexibrookerivera

♬ original sound - brentrivera

Follow these talented TikTok creators and download their clips on your device with 4K Video Downloader .

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