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Top 14 Tools You’d Want to Use with Instagram

Top 14 Tools You’d Want to Use with Instagram

With so many competitors around, Instagram still remains one of the most popular and appealing social media platforms both for regular users and brands. 4K Download team gathered 13 best apps and tools that will let you enjoy your Instagram experience even more: from creativity to growth and analytics.

Combin Growth: safe Instagram promotion

If your primary Instagram goal is to grow your followership, Combin Growth will do just fine. With this tool, you can find your target audience, automate likes, comments, follow people, unfollow those users who don’t follow you back in bulk, and even use mass story viewing!

Combin Growth also comes useful when you need to find your competitors’ audience and engage with them. You can easily and quickly find not just followers of a particular account, but its likers and commenters to interact with them later in one click.

One of the novice features of the app is the mass Instagram story viewing , also known as mass looking. With this feature, you can ‘watch’ Insta stories of hundreds of people at the same time and thus draw their attention to your profile. The tool also lets you track your performance and shows how your account is doing statistically.

Combin Growth allows you to promote up to 15 Instagram accounts at a time and has a completely free version for you to start.

4K Stogram: download of Instagram content

Instagram is so full of insightful videos, beautiful pictures and stories that you might want to safe for good. And it’s no longer a problem when 4K Stogram joins the game. And download of Instagram photos , videos and stories is not the only thing 4K Stogram is capable of.

The tool allows you to watch the Instagram feed of your followings without ads, view news feed of people you follow as your own one and even view Instagram stories anonymously! 4K Stogram downloads not just current content but also automatically saves all future posts of an account, geo or hashtag you used as a search parameter.

All you have to do is to find the content or a user you’re interested in and press ‘Subscribe’. All content is saved on your PC as it is on Instagram: original quality and size, captions, and sounds.

Another feature you might find useful is to have your own Instagram account backed-up with 4K Stogram.

Combin Scheduler: Instagram content planning

This app is an absolutely free solution for Instagram posts and stories planning from a desktop. Combin Scheduler will streamline the process of content creation by allowing you to schedule posts and stories for hours, days, or weeks ahead. No worries, your content will be published down to the minute.

Whether you’re a regular Instagram user who posts lots of content or a social media manager with 15 accounts to grow, Combin Scheduler has something for you.

The tool also allows you to repost Instagram content with or without captions, manage your hashtags, style your Instagram grid layout with a special design calendar and control your content plan with a weekly in-app calendar. You can also create posts templates to save time when creating similar content.

When uploading captions and images for publishing, you can also schedule a link to go live together with your post or story. It’s very convenient: your link will appear in your bio automatically as soon as the post or story is uploaded to your account.

The app developers also promise to implement different fonts in the upcoming updates.

Clipchamp: Repurpose social media videos for Instagram

If you create videos for platforms like YouTube or Facebook then it can be time-consuming to turn those 16:9 aspect videos into Insta-ready videos. Browser-based Clipchamp free online video editor makes it super easy to trim and edit, add text or GIFs, and even resize videos in minutes.

If you want to add a trendy AI voiceover to your Reels or stories, Clipchamp has over a 100 free voice options, along with a massive stock audio library too. These features are incredibly popular on TikTok and they work perfectly with Instagram videos as well.

Creators, marketers and small business owners work smart and batch create social media videos on Clipchamp, which allows unlimited exports of 480p videos without a watermark too.

Canva and Instasize: photo editing and simple design

Instagram is a visually-focused platform, so photo-editing tools are must-haves. If you don’t have sufficient budget for a designer, you can create simple design and posts templates yourself! All you need to have is good taste and special apps like Canva or Instasize.

Working in these apps, you don’t have to worry about being not design-savvy enough; they do everything for you. You just choose the template of design and size you need and customise it as you want.

Canva lets you edit photos, create collages, infographics, choose templates from different categories such as social media, marketing, documents, events, and more. If you don’t find a template you need, you create your own one from scratch with easy-to-use tools Canva is offering.

Instasize also has lots of free editing tools in one app. With Instasize mobile app, you can change the size of your image, edit an image by changing its colour, exposure, contrast, shade, temperature, saturation, and more. You can also frame or retouch an image in just a couple of seconds. Collages creation is a no-brainer with Instasize as well.

Lightroom and Snapseed: building Instagram aesthetics

Since Instagram is everything about visuals, you can’t disregard the importance of visual aesthetics of your Instagram page. Adobe Lightroom and Snapseed (available for Android and iOS) prove to be really helpful whether you’re a professional designer or a casual Instagram user.

These apps allow you to edit your images professionally right on your smartphone. Adobe Lightroom is available for PC and Mac, though.

Both these apps allow you to apply different effects and filters, change the colour palette of the image, and edit it by changing its light, shades, white balance, perspective, size, retouching, saturation, contrast and more.

Snapseed also lets you remove unnecessary objects from your photo and do it quite accurately. With the tool, you can visually highlight and darken some areas of your image to make it look more appealing and as if made by a professional photographer.

InShot: video editing and design

Instagram supports different types of content you’re free to create, and images alone are no longer that interesting. With the growing popularity of IGTV and recently implemented Reels, video content isn’t going anywhere. Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t have an advanced video editing tool so you might want to use third-party apps like InShot.

InShot is an easy-to-use video-editing tool that helps you design your videos right on your smartphone. With InShot, you can trim clips, remove the middle part of the video, split and merge your clips, apply audio effects and change audio speed.

Different filters, animated stickers, text addition, and audio effects (music library, sounds, voice-overs) are also available.

Instagram Fonts Generator: caption fonts change

If you want your bio and captions to look like no one else’s, you can change the font you use. How to do so? With special font editors like free Instagram Font Generator.

This site allows you to generate text fonts that you can copy and paste into your Instagram bio or captions. It's useful for generating Instagram bio symbols to make your profile stand out and have a bit of individuality.

Lalal.ai: adding audio to Instagram content

Videos or stories without a nice music background or a song are boring, to say the least. And if you encounter an ‘Instagram music isn’t available in your region’ error, you can surpass this block by creating your own music for Instagram videos or stories!

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a professional sound engineer or a musician, but if you’re already are, the Lalal.ai tool can be quite useful for you, too.

With Lalal.ai, a web-based AI-powered audio splitting tool, you can extract vocals and backtracks from any song, podcast and even movie and use them later in your social media creatives.

To do so, you just need to upload a song (or any audio at all) you want to remove vocals or backtracks from to the Lalal.ai website, choose the processing level , wait until the tool separates the stems and download them back on your device.

Then just transfer it on your phone and create amazing stories with music on the background.

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