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Mistakes You Make When Using TikTok Hashtags

Mistakes You Make When Using TikTok Hashtags

As with any other social network, hashtags play an important role on TikTok. They act as content navigators, allowing users to find videos on interesting topics. 

For creators and business account owners, thematic tags are an effective option for free promotion: properly selected hashtags will bring you new viewers and increase the channel’s reach. The main trick is to avoid mistakes when adding hashtags.

So let’s find out how hashtags can be useful to you, where you can research them and cover some mistakes made by TikTok creators. 

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TikTok Hashtags: What Are They Like 

Hashtags are rightfully considered an integral part of TikTok promotion and advertising campaigns. If you use them right, you will get these benefits: 

  • Competitors detection. 

By specifying relevant tags in the TikTok search field, you will immediately find your competitors. This will come in handy when looking for new video ideas, as well as strengthening your marketing strategy.

  • Business and sales growth. 

The TikTok audience discovers new content by hashtags because they are an important source of traffic for any channel. The viewers you attract are potential clients of your company. 

  • Increased discoverability. 

Hashtags help filter your videos, making them be easily found by your target audience. Search suggestions are made based on which words a user entered into the search bar. If your tagged content is relevant, you get additional views.

Mistakes TikTok Creators Make When Using Hashtags

If you use the hashtags in the wrong way, they will not only be of zero value to your account but even can harm it. 

So here are some common mistakes of leveraging hashtags on TikTok

Using too many hashtags

If you use too many hashtags under your video, this might have a negative impact and even scare the viewer away. 

TikTok hashtags

Use hashtags in moderation. Under one video, it is enough to add 5-8 hashtags that really work for your page (you can track the effectiveness of tags in the statistics of the TikTok account) and are relevant to the topic of your video. 

Using high-frequency hashtags 

Hashtags can be divided into three categories when it comes to their ‘frequency’.

  • High-frequency - hashtags with over 100 thousand views per each.
  • Mid-range - they gain from 10 to 100 thousand views.
  • Low-frequency tags are rarely used in TikTok (they have up to 10 thousand views).

The best option would be to mix tags with different frequencies. The fact is that high-frequency hashtags are highly competitive. With them, it is more difficult to draw your audience’s attention and stay on top for a long time. 

TikTok hashtags usage mistake

Besides, TikTok algorithms will consider you constantly adding high-frequency tags as spam-like behaviour. This can lead to a shadowban or a channel ban.

Ignoring trending hashtags

If you want your videos to get a lot of views, regularly stay on top of the new TikTok trends. Such tags can be found on the For You page and the Discover page. Find the tags that are relevant to your content and add them to the video.

Using irrelevant hashtags

All tags indicated in the caption should be different, but at the same time, correspond to the published video. You should not use hashtags that are irrelevant to the topic or idea of the video.

Thinking hashtags guarantee success

Hashtags will not do everything for you, it’s not magic. Even the right selection of tags is not a guarantee of popularity and success on the platform. Content and quality play a decisive role.


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