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Quick Replies on Instagram: How to Set Them Up

Quick Replies on Instagram: How to Set Them Up

Do you want to save time when communicating with your clients on Instagram in DM? 

If so, Instagram’s quick replies will help you optimise your time and communicate with people more effectively. 

After setting up quick replies, you can select the desired template when replying to private messages on Instagram which is super convenient and saves you lots of time. 

Below we’ll cover how to work with quick replies on Instagram and how to use them daily to communicate with customers.

How to Set Up Quick Replies on Instagram

In order to create a quick response on Instagram, go to the Settings from your main profile page. Note that you should have a Business or Creator account on Instagram. 

 Quick Replies  on Instagram

Next, scroll down and select ‘Business’ or ‘Creator’ if you have a Creator account. If you have a Personal account, there will be no such tab available. 

A new tab opens; there, find the ‘Saved Replies’ option. Click on it. 

Now you can start creating a quick reply on Instagram! 

How to Create a Quick Reply Text? 

In the window that opens, type the text of the message and enter its shortcut without whitespaces. Save it and here you go! You can create multiple messages for various situations by pressing the ‘+’ icon.  

Set up quick replies on Insta

To use quick replies in private messages, do the following: 

1. Open a chat in DM, click on the dialogue icon and choose a quick reply among the created templates. 

Initially, you won’t have this icon on your keyboard. To find it, you need to press the ‘+’ icon next to the image icon on your typing field in DM and find the one for quick replies (check the screenshot below). 

2. The saved reply will automatically appear in the message tab, and you can send it right away or edit it before sending. 

How to Edit Quick Replies

If you want to change the quick replies you made, just go to the Saved Replies section in the Settings (check the guide above). All the quick replies you made will be there. Click on the one you want to edit and make the necessary changes.

How to Delete Quick Replies on Instagram

To delete a quick reply, follow the same course of actions as when editing - "Settings - Business/Creator - Saved Replies".

Select the reply you want to delete and confirm its deletion.

Why Use Instagram Quick Replies: Cases

Typically, customers ask the same questions about price, location, delivery, opening hours and availability of the desired product. Some answers to these questions can be pinned in Highlights. 

Tip: download Instagram Highlights with 4K Stogram easily in batch! 

But even if you create the necessary sections in Highlights, you will still be getting such questions in your DM. Therefore, it would be reasonable to create templates for quick responses.

To make one general answer for different types of messages, analyze all incoming messages and determine what the client wanted to know in each specific case. Then make a one-fits-all quick response about its price, delivery, your address, working hours and so on.

Note that quick responses are not sent to your clients automatically; you need to manually send them back in DM. If you want to set up an auto-reply on Instagram, you can check this guide

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