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How to Fix “Thanks for Providing Your Info” on Instagram

How to Fix “Thanks for Providing Your Info” on Instagram

If you get this message “Thanks for Providing Your Info. We’ll review your info and if we can confirm it, you’ll be able to access your account within approximately 24 hours” on Instagram and are getting logged out of your Instagram accounts for no particular reason, keep on reading. 

This bug appeared on Instagram back in December 2019, but it still hasn’t gone anywhere till today. And what’s the most annoying is that this “24 hours” thing doesn’t always last 24 hours, sometimes more, and the Instagram support is impossible to reach. 

Tip: Back up your Instagram account from time to time. You can do it even without entering your Instagram credentials. Also, you can download your Saved posts with 4K Stogram.

Thanks for Providing Your Info: Reasons Why I Get This Message

Thanks for providing your info Instagram

Usually, Instagram sends you this message “Thanks for providing your info” if it detects you using a third-party tool or automation. Sometimes you might get this error by mistake if you haven’t used any automation. 

But the main reason is still automation software. If you manually like, comment or follow people on Instagram and do it too quickly, you might get this message as well. 

How to Fix “Thanks for providing your info” on Instagram

To get rid of “Thanks for providing your info” on Instagram, you need to fill up the “My Instagram account has been deactivated” form

This is the only legit way to get your Instagram account back and have the issue resolved. 

Do not trust anyone who promises to get your Instagram account back for a certain fee. People who claim that are usually scammers. 

So, follow these steps instead. 

  1. Fill up the “My Instagram account has been deactivated” form. If this form wants you to log in to your Instagram account and verify it’s you (which you clearly can’t do since you can’t log in), here are some other forms that might be useful: 

This is the only way you can use to get your account reactivated.

You’ll probably want to fill up many forms in the shortest amount of time to get your account back, but please, resist the temptation. Otherwise, Instagram will block your IP address and you clearly won’t have your account back. Besides, the more forms you send, the more difficult it is for the Instagram support team to review your account. 

Fill up all the relevant fields, such as your full name, your Instagram username, your email address connected to this account, and your country.

In the form, describe what exactly happened. Even if you did use automation or third-party tools, don’t say you did. Instead, say that you can’t log in for an unclear reason and you think that someone hacked your account.  

You can also say that not having your account is affecting your business so the AI can prioritize your case. Also mention how you realize that you never infringed the ToS.

Instagram support is more willing to help you if you use Instagram for business and buy ads from them. 

Instagram has an article in its Help Centre that talks about how their improved AI tackle issues with people that suffer from certain conditions. Pulling that card my help you get your account faster.

After you’re done filling up the form, click on “Send”.

2. Send a photo with the verification code 

After you’ve submitted the “My Instagram account has been deactivated” form, you will get this automated email.

How to Fix “Thanks for Providing Your Info” on Instagram

Check the inbox of the email that you’ve used for the form.

If you haven’t received an email from Instagram, make sure to check your spam mail as it might have been there.

Once you’ve received the email, take a “mugshot” of yourself holding the code.

Take the picture and send it to Instagram via the same email.

3. Wait for Instagram to decide. 

The final step (and the most crucial one) is to wait patiently for Instagram’s response.

If your account has been reactivated, you’ll receive an email from Facebook support saying that it has been reactivated and you should be able to access it.

This is the email that you’ll receive:

How to Fix “Thanks for Providing Your Info” on Instagram

Another tip on how you can restore your account is by calling Apple/Google Support lines. Although they are not going to be able to solve the issue, you can bring it to their attention. You can escalate this to the bigger companies that actually have access to communication with Facebook/Instagram. If they see a big amount of customers complaining about the same issue they may do something about it that we can’t. 

How long do you have to wait for Instagram to review your case? 

The reviewing process can take less than 24 hours, about 3 days, or sometimes more than a week. Some Reddit users say they managed to get their accounts back months after it all started. 

Every form is manually reviewed by a real Instagram support officer and they need to process the data in order to determine whether the account can be reactivated.

They get thousands of reports each day and it’s impossible to review all of them on the day itself, so be patient. 

If you haven’t received an email response from Instagram/Facebook after 3 or more days, you can try sending a follow-up email to them or filling up the form once again.

But again, don’t spam their email or misuse the “My Instagram account has been deactivated” form, or your IP address might be blocked.

After you’ve anything you had and could do, just wait. And don’t forget to back up your Instagram account from time to time and download your Saved posts with 4K Stogram

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