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Frequently Asked Questions Feature on Instagram: How to Set It Up

Frequently Asked Questions Feature on Instagram: How to Set It Up

Recently, Instagram launched the Frequently Asked Questions feature for direct messages. Frequently Asked Questions are shown at the top of your DM chat with a user. No more than four questions can be asked with this feature. 

This function somewhat makes Instagram look like bots in messengers, so if you’ve ever ‘talked’ to a chatbot, you already know what the Instagram FAQ feature is. 

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Let's figure out how to set up Frequently Asked Questions on Instagram and what questions to do depending on the type of account.

How to Set Up FAQ on Instagram

Please note that the Frequently Asked Questions feature is only available for professional accounts: Creator and Business. To set it up, follow our instructions.

Step 1. Open your account settings and select "Business" (or "Creator" if you have a  creator account).

Frequently Asked Questions Feature on Instagram

Step 2. Slide to the “On” position. 

Step 3. If you are doing this for the first time, an information window will open, where at the bottom you need to click "Set Up".

Frequently Asked Questions Feature on Instagram: How to Set It Up

If you want to add a new question, then under the previously added questions, click "Add question".

Step 4. Enter the text of the question. Length should be no more than 80 characters with spaces.

For a business or brand, these questions people usually ask are: Do you have delivery? How much does it cost? What are your opening hours?

Questions for a creator or influencer are: Can we collaborate? How much does advertising in Stories cost? And so on. 

Step 5. Click "Save".

Step 6. On the page with all frequently asked questions, at the very top, move the slider to the On position at Show Questions.


Now, when a person first wants to text you in DM, frequently asked questions to choose from will be displayed. As you remember, there can be no more than four of them.

In addition to frequently asked questions, do not forget to set up Quick Replies in Instagram Direct, which will be the answers to these frequently asked questions.

Which Questions to Save

To determine the questions Instagram will be automatically offered to the user, analyze your chats with clients in DM and select the most common questions. Here are examples of what these questions might be.

If you’re a business: 

  • Is there a delivery?
  • Do you ship to…?
  • How much is...?
  • What are your business hours?

If you’re a creator:

  • How much do you charge for a post ad?
  • How much does advertising in Stories cost?
  • Can we collaborate?

Also, if you see that there are new questions users start to ask more often, then do not forget to add them in the FAQ settings. 

Now you know how to activate the feature and save your time when communicating with clients on Instagram

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