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How to Protect Instagram Account From Being Banned, Suspended or Disabled

How to Protect Instagram Account From Being Banned, Suspended or Disabled

No one is secure from an Instagram account ban. Violation of community guidelines, other users' reports, and use of third-party automation tools is a non-exhaustive list of the reasons why the platform might suspend your account. And though you can't spare your account of this misfortune whatsoever, you can still take measures to prevent it. This post tells exactly how to do it. But before we begin, let's see how you can save your Instagram content in advance just in case the ban occurs.

Back Up Your Instagram Account with 4K Stogram Before Potential Instagram Ban

Now it’s especially wise to have a backup of your Instagram page, just in case something happens to it. 4K Stogram lets you download your Instagram photos and video posts, as well as Highlights, saved posts and posts you’ve been tagged in. Follow the steps below to back up your entire Instagram account:

1. Launch 4K Stogram.

2. Log in to your Instagram account within the app.

3. Click Edit at the menu bar and select Download > My Account. 4K Stogram will start downloading all your Instagram content.

Click Edit > Download > My Saved Posts to download your Instagram Saved posts collections.

Click Edit > Download > My Tagged Posts to download posts that other users tagged you in.

That’s it! Then just click on the downloaded media to view them on your PC or Mac.

How to Avoid Having Your Instagram Banned, Suspended & Disabled

You’ve surely seen these posts on the Internet saying that Instagram has blocked someone’s account for no reason. So even though you can’t be 100% sure you’re safe, you can significantly minimise such risks. Here are the five most actionable ways to protect your Instagram account from being banned, suspended, or disabled by the platform.

Don’t Post Content That Violates Instagram Community Guidelines

If you publish anything that might violate the Community Guidelines of Instagram, it may lead to a temporary or permanent ban on the platform. If someone notices such posts, they might report them. So before sharing content on Instagram, learn what you can and can’t post there to minimise the risk of triggering the community and the Instagram algorithms.

Don’t Be Too Active on a New Account

If you’ve just created an Instagram account, don’t rush to post, like, comment and follow people too much; otherwise, you might catch an Instagram action block, temporary or permanent. Instagram can mistakenly suspend you’re a bot and even block your entire account. So act like a human and increase your activity on Instagram gradually.

Don’t Reply with Spam Comments

If you want to grow your Instagram page and have chosen mass commenting as a way to do so, use it wisely. Don’t reply with the same comments under each post you comment on, and don’t leave comments consisting of emojis or the same set of hashtags. Instagram easily detects such actions as spam-like, let alone it’s very annoying, and users who see this might report your account. The same goes for feed posting: don’t publish the same content over and over, as it looks spammy and suspicious.

Don’t Change IP Address Too Often

If you use a VPN, proxies, or often access your Instagram account from different IP addresses, it may lead to blocking as well.

Don’t Use Banned Hashtags

Yes, some hashtags are forbidden on Instagram. And the most interesting part is that the use of even the simplest and harmless hashtags might end up in a backlash. If you use these hashtags in your posts, Instagram can flag or permanently ban your page. To check if you can use a specific hashtag, simply find if there are posts with it by entering the #hashtag in the Instagram search field. If you see no posts, the hashtag needs to be avoided. Alternatively, you can google banned Instagram hashtags lists, but it won’t hurt to manually check them before posting.

Tip: If you want to download Instagram content tagged with a specific hashtag, make 4K Stogram to do so. Simply enter a hashtag and press the Download button.

How to Know If Instagram Banned Your Account

It’s not always obvious that Instagram has banned or disabled your account. If you’ve got a clear message that says your account has been banned, there’s no room for ambiguity. However, it’s not every time as clear as that. Sometimes, that might be a simple temporary action block that will be lifted within 24 hours.

So before worrying too much, here are the signs to look for that will tell your account has actually been blocked by Instagram: when you can't post, like, comment, follow and simply log in to your account, it means Instagram has blocked your page.

How to Recover a Blocked, Suspended, Disabled or Banned Instagram Account

If you’ve been unlucky and you want to get your account back, read this part.

Most Instagram blocks are temporary. How long your page remains blocked depends on the severity of your violation. If Instagram says you’ve been blocked permanently, the chances you’ll get your account back are negligible, so you’d better create a new one from another IP address and never violate the platform’s rules again.

Though if the account is blocked temporarily, this is the only official way to recover it.

Report Your Suspended Account to Instagram

Usually, when you try to log in to your banned account, you’ll see a message that tells you the account has been blocked, which has two options: Tell Us and Learn More. Press the Tell Us button and follow the on-screen instructions to let Instagram know they’ve made a mistake.

Alternatively, you can submit an appeal through the Instagram Help centre. To do that, fill out the “My Instagram account has been deactivated” form. This is the only legit and official way to get your Instagram page back.

Important: Don’t trust anyone who promises to get your Instagram account back for a certain fee. People who claim that are usually scammers.

Instead, follow these steps:

  1. Fill out the My Instagram account has been deactivated form. In case this form requires to log in to your Instagram account and verify it’s you (which you clearly can’t do since you can’t log in), here are some other forms that might be useful:

If you want to fill out as many forms as possible in the shortest amount of time to quickly have your account back, resist the temptation. Otherwise, Instagram will block your IP address; in this case, you won’t get your account back. Besides, the more forms you send, the more difficult for the Instagram support team to review your account.

2. Fill out all the relevant fields (your full name, Instagram handle, email address connected to this specific Instagram account, and your country of residence).

3. Tell in detail about what exactly has happened. Even if you used automation or third-party tools, don’t mention you did. Rather, write that you can’t log in for an unclear reason and you think that someone hacked your account.

You can also mention that having your account disabled affects your business so that AI can prioritise your case. Instagram support is more willing to help if you use the platform for business and buy its ads.

4. When you finish filling out the form, click on Send.

Then Instagram will ask you to send them a photo of yourself holding a paper sheet with a verification code to confirm your identity and wait for Instagram's decision for a couple of weeks. If you’re lucky, you will get your account back.

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