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Why Switch to 4K Video Downloader+? Reasons to Upgrade or Simply Choose the New App

Why Switch to 4K Video Downloader+? Reasons to Upgrade or Simply Choose the New App

First released as beta and later transformed into a proper application, 4K Video Downloader+ is a next generation of a video downloader and converter millions use across the globe.

Despite the common misconception that the two apps are totally identical and the only difference is the looks, they have different features and the new rendition has extended functionality. Yes, both 4K Video Downloader and 4K Video Downloader+ have some common features, but the new code base in the latter app allows us to add more updates to its functionality and develop it further. As such, 4K Video Downloader+ has access to a larger amount of private content, not just the one of YouTube as the old 4K Video Downloader does. The new app also lets you save private videos from Bilibili and other platforms that require a login to access some content.

But that’s not all. Here’s why else you should opt for the new rendition of 4K Video Downloader.

Native Support of Apple Silicon Chip

4K Video Downloader+ now leverages the perks of the Apple Silicon chips, especially when it comes to faster startup after each update installation. If you’re a Mac user, we strongly recommend you switch to 4K Video Downloader+, at least for this only reason. To do that, simply visit our official website.

In-App Browser

This little thing allows you to search for videos and audio right in the application and download them without leaving the app. All you need to do is click on any platform’s icon and start searching for content by entering keywords or the name of the video. But that alone isn't the best thing the in-app browser can do.

The best part is that it lets you sign in to a site and access audio and video that are available only after logging in. Thus, you can download more private content from even more sites than just YouTube.

Smart Mode

First of all, Smart Mode is now easier to find and adjust in 4K Video Downloader+. You simply switch it on or off on top of the main app’s window and set all the settings you want. If you want to turn them off, just switch it again.

And again, that’s not all. In case you don’t know which formats can be played on your OS, just select the OS in Smart Mode, not a format. 4K Video Downloader+ will automatically select the format your operating system supports, and you'll have no hard time playing it on your device.

Easy Downloads Management

Owing to the code refactoring we briefly mentioned above and to switch between the stacks easier, you now can sort your downloads by date and name. In addition, the downloads can be sorted by type – Video, Audio, Playlists, Channels, Subscription, and All. It’s very handy if you have lots of content of different types.

4K Video Downloader+ also has a search field that allows you to conveniently look for a particular video.

How to Switch to 4K Video Downloader+

To switch to the new app for free or upgrade your current license to one of the premium licenses of 4K VIdeo Downloader+, download it on your desktop. If you’re a Lite, Personal, and Pro 4K Video Downloader user, we offer special discounts to upgrade to 4K Video Downloader+.

To read the full comparison between 4K Video Downloader+ and 4K Video Downloader with a comprehensive table of features that each of them has, check this blog post. In addition, you may find the piece with frequently asked questions about the new 4K Video Downloader+ insightful.

However, we’re including some of the FAQs from that post here:

Does the 4K Video Downloader+ license key work in 4K Video Downloader?

No, the license of 4K Video Downloader+ doesn’t work in the old app and vice versa. Note that you can use 4K Video Downloader+ for free, keep using the old 4K Video Downloader, or upgrade your current 4K Video Downloader license with a huge discount.

Can I upgrade my license key and then downgrade it if I don't like the new app?

Unfortunately, you can’t do that. If you're not sure yet if you want to purchase the new app, you can use it for free as long as you like.

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