How to use 360 Degree Videos for Marketing

How to use 360 Degree Videos for Marketing

Everybody heard of 360 degree videos, also known as spherical or immersive videos, but not many aware of their marketing potential. A brand new way of video recording using omnidirectional camera to shot a view in every direction at the same time produces interesting, fun and helpful videos to watch. A viewer can control the ...

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Top 5 Most Weirdest 360° Videos in the world

Top 5 Most Weirdest 360° Videos in the world

We live in the era of mesmerizing technology novelties. And while Japanese android robots are not affordable for the mass buyer, some out of this world technologies luckily are available for anyone interested to see and use: Sony PlayStation VR gaming head-mounted display is launched already on this year’s October and 360 degrees videos ...

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