Solo un downloader video, niente di superfluo

4K Video Downloader ti permette di scaricare video, audio e sottotitoli da YouTube in alta qualità e alla massima velocità consentita dal vostro computer e dalla vostra connessione internet. Se proprio desiderate avere sempre un certo video sul vostro iPad, iPhone o su qualunque altro dispositivo, noi possiamo aiutarvi! Scaricare è semplice: basta copiare il link del video dal vostro browser e cliccare "Paste URL" (Copia Indirizzo). Fatto!

Niente toolbar, adware o malware. Non preoccuparti. Video Downloader è GRATUITO e lo sarà sempre. Nessun file nascosto, nessuna limitazione, nessuna registrazione. Sarà tuo per sempre.


  • Scarica intere playlist e canali da YouTube e salvali in MP4, MKV, M4A, MP3, FLV, 3G, e genera file .m3u per le playlist.
  • Scarica video in qualità HD 1080p, HD 720p o 4K e goditi questi video di altissima qualità sul tuo televisore HD, sull'iPad o su altri dispositivi.
  • Download di sottotitoli, avanzato: scegli se salvare un file .srt o se incorporare i sottotitoli nel video, da guardare poi sul tuo Mac, ad esempio.
  • Attiva la "Modalità Smart" per applicare le impostazioni selezionate a tutti i tuoi download, facile e veloce.
  • Scarica il video in formato 3D e troverai una piccola icona speciale tra i formati disponibili, dopo l'analisi dei video. E' davvero fantastico poter vedere film e cartoni in 3D.
  • Iscriverti ai canali di YouTube su 4K Video Downloader e i nuovi video saranno scaricati automaticamente sul tuo computer dopo che vengono caricati su un canale dal suo proprietario.
  • Supportare i video a 360° - i video creati con una videocamera che registra simultaneamente scene a 360°, modifica l'angolazione trascinando il video con il mouse e goditi questa entusiasmante funzione!
  • Scarica video YouTube incorporati su qualunque pagina web. Basta copiare e incollare il link e il programma troverà la fonte da scaricare.
  • Scarica video e audio da Vimeo, SoundCloud, Flickr, Facebook e DailyMotion.
  • Usa 4K Video Downloader sul tuo PC, Mac o Linux, non importa quale sia il tuo OS preferito.


Nome Applicazione: 4K Video Downloader
Valutazione: 4,8 (1318 valutazioni)
Prezzo: Gratuito
Versione: 4.1
Ultimo Aggiornamento: 01 Aprile 2016
Categoria Software: Multimediale
Sistema operativo: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, OSX 10.10, OSX 10.9, OSX 10.8, OSX 10.7, Ubuntu Linux

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Finally a good youtube videodownload program that does not install unwanted software or does anything bad with your computer!
Does exactly what it says it'll do and absolutely malware free; absolutely love it.
thx alot awesome program finally i can download hole playlist at a time :)
Really useful application! Thanks!
Finally something that does not have trojans and virus.. will share this with all my friends and donate. thanks!!!!!!
Easy and really helpful! You're awesome
Awesome !
well done,thanks in portuguese muito bom obrigado.
Fantastic software. Downloads fast.
very nice software very useful for me thanks to developer :-)
lovely! simple and easy to use for mac! best of all free! now to get downloading my favourite music from youtube! thanks son! ;)))
Excelente programa, muchisimo mejor que otros competidores de su categoria. Felicitaciones!!!
osm software i really need it, thanks................. for it.
genial programa funciona perfecto... gracias +10 saludos.
THANK YOU! This is the first thing I've downloaded that can do websites other than YouTube! It's perfect! The quality is amazing!
Your software is excellent. You can download entire playlists!
This is an amazing program.
A must have ! thanks for devs ^^
Excelente programa
Great Software :D
BEST composite video downloader i have ues,beats competition hands down keep it up people..
Great product to download videos! Quality is amazing! Keep up the good work! Thank you!
Very Good, perfect for those who need to download complete playlists, but what I really liked was the option to choose the resolution...
love this program. I use it a lot I wouldn't use anything else. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to download a lot of videos at one time without having to refresh a website over and over and over again. Keep up the good work
Simple to use downloader. Great work, guys.
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"THANK YOU!" Your software is excellent!! It can download entire playlists!!! Again"THANK YOU!"
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una exelente forma de poder ver los videos en HD
Exactly what it says on the tin - fantastic little program
Two thumbs up ! Great app.
El Programa esta excelente además es muy rápido para bajar los videos de YouTube.. Felicidades!!!!
Really nice product, Thank You; now with this software I can download any video not just YouTube Videos but at most other sites too...
Excellent ! Extra ordinary Software. For me it has become part of my life as I am music lover & I get any time What I want
I love this program, BEST of the BEST. Thank You, Thank You!
4kdownload works like a charm. Thank You :)
Great product to download.
gracias muchachos por la aplicacion!!!! :)
Very good, Fast downloads and simple to use. Thank you.
Thanks for the program. So useful tool !
Muy buen programa. Es de uso habitual para mi. Gracias
pesa poco, cómodo y baja mejor que el IDM gracias!
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Excelent!!! Thx
THANK YOU really amazing software, keep up the good work
Excellent program :) Thanks a lot !
Really amazing product, Very good. THANK YOU. !!!!!!
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awesome downloader ever...... super.. thank you so much....
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DIOS! por fin un programa decente, hasta 4K señores una maravilla
This free software allows me to download some videos to help teaching, because sometimes the wireless signal is not very well.
The best video downloader I've seen and believe me I have tried them. No malware, no adware, just straight forward excellence. Thank you for a wonderful program.
If it's able to download mp3's from YouTube videos, this will be just what I've been looking for ;) A replacement for KeepVid.Com... It's weird though that you have another app for downloading audio from YT if this one can do it... Thank you beforehand!
thanks for this amazing tool
A good program with a clean and easy to use interface, and it gets updated regularly. Thanks 4K team :)
This has to be HANDS DOWN the best program that is used to download from online sources not only does it not come to nasty annoyance wear it does not need you to install items on your computer that are of no use to you i would highly recommend that you pay for a full license not only will this program download Vid.....PLUS SUBTITLES YAAAAAY but it will also convert vid to MP3 how much more do you need ??
Perfect program take no time to download and it still free
best software ever made
So reliable and it's so speedy. Wonderful!
Best video downloader ever i seen.
Works like a charm on linux with every video i tried so far, from different locations. Easy to understand and to use. Awesome work done here, thanks a thousand 4k team. Don't ruin it in future versions.
I loved it because I can download the entire playlist with just one click ^_^
Very good, Fast downloads and simple to use. Thank you very much....
Awesome software
Программа просто супер!!! Скачивает отменно, есть выбор в каком формате скачивать, я очень доволен данной программой. Стоящая прога, и никаких заморочек.
Thumbs up, working!
gracias gracias... sos de youtube se pasaron... pero uds me dieron la solucion... queria explotar mi P8 y no podia ... ahora uds .... haaaa gracias en serio exitos y felicitaciones... ya les doy like en facebook...!!!
Спасибо за прекрасную программу! :)
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