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5 Essential YouTube Playlists Everyone Should Make

5 Essential YouTube Playlists Everyone Should Make

Music is a crucial element of everyday life. For many, it’s a constant companion. Music is with us when we are traveling, partying, shopping, working out, working and relaxing. Something seemingly as trivial as listening to music can lift our mood, reduce stress, elevate pain and make ourselves feel better in general.

Setting the mood is easier when you’ve got prepared playlists for all common occasions. Spend just a few minutes on making your own playlists on YouTube to later always be ready to set the right tone and rhythm to any event’s atmosphere in a couple of clicks. Follow the recommendations below to set up perfect track compilations for any occasion, and download the playlists in MP3 to play whenever, wherever!

Starting the day

Not that many people listen to music after waking up, but it’s actually a proven way to make the morning routine not only more energetic, but also significantly shorter. If you have trouble leaving the house on time, build a playlist adding specific set of songs from the middle and up to the end of it. This way, you won’t have to anxiously watch time running on the clock. Instead, you will know when the time to wrap up is coming, based on which song is playing.

Make your playlist exactly as long as it usually takes you to get ready in the morning. Start with more chill songs, slowly changing the pace to upbeat tracks as you gradually wake up and get going. Choose songs in accordance with your own taste or... rely on science! A few years back Spotify teamed up with music psychologist David M. Greenberg to create the ultimate morning playlist "scientifically designed to kick-start those groggy mornings and get you going." Listen to it online on Spotify and YouTube . Download the YouTube playlist to your computer to listen to it offline and transfer to other devices.


It all depends on your company, where you are going and the length of the trip, but the common rule for car music is having a strong tempo and positive vibe. The more energetic the person behind the wheel, the safer the journey.

Get inspired by road trip playlists made by other people, such as this regularly updated pop&pop rock car songs compilation, the ultimate list of the 70's, 80’s and 90’s travel songs , and the NOW That's What I Call Driving Rock playlist. If you love rock and want to create a special atmosphere, consider albums like “ The Action is Go” by Fu Manchu and “ Welcome to Sky Valley ” by Kyuss for their unique feeling of being in an open top car with stereo system blasting, in the desert, driving off into the sunset on full speed.

HuffPost’s road trip playlist creation system can help you make a perfect compilation of tracks nobody would want to skip. Thematic songs (one everybody loves but doesn’t know the lyrics to, one from your favorite TV show, etc.) have a great potential to hit the spot for you and your travel companions.

Working Out

It’s a scientifically proven fact that music can actually take training to the next level by improving your performance and enjoyment during split interval exercise. That’s right, a correctly compiled playlist is an energy booster that inspires to give the workout your all and helps enduring its intensity.

Enhance your performance by compiling songs that make you want to move, motivate you and inspire to remove mountains. The tempo matters: start your playlist with songs that have from 90 to 110 BPM (beats per minute) for warming up, pilates or jogging (take this BPM-specific playlist and one-video mix as an example), then work you way up to music with 120-138 BPM for energetic and intense exercise, and speed it even more, up to 160- 180 BPM , for cardio boxing, tae bo and treadmill.


Concentration is easier to maintain when background music doesn’t have familiar tunes or lyrics (or better yet, it should be lyrics-free). Anything that can distract you from the primary task is a big no-no, so avoid big hits, favorite songs and dramatic music. What you should go for instead is something monotonous, relaxing, easily fading into the background. Classical music is always a good pick. Other than that, YouTube has a vast collection of various noises, sounds and compositions specifically for working, studying or just chilling. Fromindie and folk, progressive house and ambient, to smooth jazz and lo-fi hip-hop beats in form of loops for hours, live streams and playlists. Put together your own or download YouTube playlists that were pre-made by others. Remember to play music at a moderate volume to avoid concentration breaks.


Music is the heart of any party, so if you plan on holding a killer party, you have to create a killer party playlist. First of all, make your playlist lengthy, as it’s hard to predict when the party is going to be over and nobody really wants to hear the same tracks again (without request). Secondly, tailor the playlist to the setting and guests. It’s maybe your party, but the comfort and enjoyment of the attendees is the goal. A company of music snobs would hardly appreciate club bangers and make it awkward for everybody. Instead of forcing your tastes down people’s throats, think of the party’s theme, vibe and consider what each of your guests like.

Last but not least, is reviewing the playlist before putting it on at the party. Play it at least a couple of times, listen carefully and be critical of any harsh transits, way-too-long guitar solos and inappropriate lyrics. After you build your party songs compilation, you can use our YouTube playlists downloader to then conveniently play them on any device, without an Internet connection.

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