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How to Hide Likes to Dislikes Ratio on YouTube

How to Hide Likes to Dislikes Ratio on YouTube

For content creators on any platform, whether it’d be YouTube or other social media, audience feedback is important. One of the ways to get it is to track the number of likes and dislikes under each video. But sometimes it becomes necessary to hide the reactions ratio for whatever reason - dislikes from haters, bullying, or any other. 

This article will tell you how to turn off likes and dislikes for YouTube videos, why users do this, and how to get more likes for your YouTube content. 

Why Hide YouTube Likes and Dislikes Ratio

Typically, content creators tend to hide dislikes, not likes. The likes count most often worries creators for only one reason - when the channel is new, there are still few views and likes. They assume that new viewers might find a channel or video uninteresting if there are few likes under it. Usually, when the channel becomes more popular, the creator turns the likes and dislikes ratio again. 

Why Users Hide Their Dislikes on YouTube

  • dislikes affect their self-esteem, and creators just don't want to show them
  • the topic of the video is controversial, which can lead to the viewers’ negative reaction. For the same reason, comments are also closed under such videos
  • they don’t want to competitors or haters buy dislikes with some third-party tools. This often happens to popular channels, as well as authors of political content
  • They want the viewer to judge the video objectively. A large number of dislikes may influence the viewer and make them feel biased towards the video or creator
  • Some viewers don’t watch the video at all if there are too many dislikes under it. 

 Whatever the reason, here is how you can hide likes and dislikes on your YouTube channel. 

Disable YouTube Likes and Dislikes Ratio on Your Video: PC Guide

  1. Open YouTube and head over to the Creative Studio (tap on your profile picture in the upper right corner and find the YouTube Studio button). 

Press on it. 

Disable likes and dislikes ratio

2. On the left, find the Content tab and click on it. 

Disable likes on YouTube: how to

3. Find the video you want, click on the pencil icon (Details) to open its settings.

Hide dislikes on YouTube

4. In the video details, the title and description are what you see first. You need to scroll down to the very bottom of the section to the blue Show More button. It opens additional settings.

Youtube likes and dislikes

5. You’ll see additional settings - tags, subtitles, license and more.

how to hide youtube liked and dislikes

6. Again, scroll down to the very bottom of the settings.

Find the last item - Show how many users like and dislike this video. You need to uncheck the box next to it and save your changes. 

How to Hide Dislikes on Your Whole YouTube Channel

If you want to hide the likes and dislikes count on all your videos, you can do this in the general settings of the channel. Note that the changes will affect only your newly uploaded videos. On the videos you uploaded before, you need to remove the counter manually using the method described above.

So, removing the likes/dislikes ratio on the whole YouTube channel: 

  1. In the left panel of the creative studio, click on the Settings section.

What we are interested in is the Upload defaults section. Click on it to open it. 

2. Go to Advanced settings. Scroll down to the very bottom of the settings until you see the Users can view ratings for this video item. Uncheck the box and save the changes. 

Youtube likes and dislikes hiding

Hide likes and dislikes on YouTube

Disabling Likes and Dislikes on YouTube: Smartphone Guide

To work in a creative studio from your mobile, you must have a separate app. If not yet, download it from the App Store or Google Play

  1. Log in to the application and head over to its menu. To do this, click on 3 horizontal stripes in the upper left corner (burger menu).
  2. Go to the "Video" section.
  3. The video list opens. Click on the desired one.
  4. In the video details, click on the pencil icon at the top of the settings, where the cover is. Just like you did it on your computer. 
  5. Go to advanced settings.

Next to the Show video ratings item, move the slider to the OFF position so that it turns grey and save the changes.

Important is that at the end of March, YouTube began testing disabling dislikes on videos.

If the new function starts working for all creators, then only the number of likes will be displayed on the counter. Dislike button will remain active, but without the exact number of dislikes. 

That is, viewers will still be able to express their dissatisfaction by pressing the dislike button, but they will not know how many dislikes there are in total. Only the creator will be able to see the total number of them. But they, as before, will affect the popularity of the video on the platform.

How to Get More Likes on YouTube

You can't get people to love your content just by hiding the rating counter. Here are some tips on how to get more likes on your videos:

  • Create useful and interesting content. For this, you need to understand your audience and know what they like to watch. 
  • Work on the quality of the picture and sound.
  • Pay attention to the overall look of the channel (header, video covers, logo) - this also affects the perception of your channel.
  • Communicate with the audience. Viewers can give advice, suggest an idea in the comments, or say what they don't like about the video;
  • Work to increase the number of views. More views - more likely to get additional likes. To do this, optimize your videos, hashtags, descriptions and attract traffic from other channels (social media, website, blogs, email and so on). 
  • Ask your viewers to subscribe to the channel, like and click on the bell. 

You can hide and reveal the YouTube dislikes counter as much as you like, this is done in a couple of steps (use our instructions). Try to constantly work on your content quality so that there would be no need to hide the video ratings. 

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