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10 Incredible YouTube Channels to Subscribe to in 2020

10 Incredible YouTube Channels to Subscribe to in 2020

Youtube is the largest and most popular host of a wide variety of video content. It is the first resource we turn to when we want to know how something works or entertain ourselves. But even with so much already existing and newly uploaded content, we can sometimes find ourselves in a YouTube rut. No matter what video you click, you get nothing that resonates with you or tickles your interest in the slightest. 

The algorithm of YouTube provides some unique, valuable content, but it happens rather sporadically, so one cannot rely on YouTube recommendations alone. What we most often see on the YouTube homepage is the same old content we already watch on the regular. On a rare occasion a couple of interesting videos pops up but it’s still something out of the realm of the type of content that we normally consume.

The question arises as to where do you go when you want to find some new YouTube content to watch? 4K Download team always keeps up with all things YouTube, and we’ve prepared a list of unconventional YouTube channels that are worthy of not only being subscribed to on YouTube, but also within 4K Video Downloader. This application has a unique feature — the possibility to subscribe to YouTube channels in-app to automatically download new videos to your computer as soon as they have been uploaded to YouTube by their creators.

YouTube channels that we consider worthy of being subscribed to in 4K Video Downloader, are the channels of exceptional quality — obviously, very few deserve to take up space on your hard drive. Although hobbies and tastes differ, we are sure every YouTube user will take away and enjoy at least a couple of channels from the following list. Without further ado, let’s get to our 10 YouTube channel picks (given in no particular order).


1. Healthcare Triage

Due to the global spread of the COVID-19 virus, health issues are more relevant than ever. Healthcare Triage is one of the channels that provide useful and reliable information in a user-friendly format. Hosted by Dr. Aaron Carroll, the channel covers a wide range of topics related to human health in general, and coronavirus in particular.

If you wondered how to disinfect the deliveries properly or how to grocery-shop safely, there is a playlist dedicated specifically to these issues. You can download the YouTube playlist to your computer even without subscribing to the channel — follow the simple steps of our instruction.

Speaking of playlists, the many videos from Healthcare Triage are conveniently divided into thematic lists available here. Here you can dive deeper into a wide variety of topics, including parenting, medicine, medical professions, health care systems, health policies, and more. 

2. The Art Assignment

We all love art but we often cannot say we have a deep knowledge and understanding of the subject, and even less often we allow our inner artists to come out. This is no good! Everyone can express their creative side, without having a diploma in arts or the professional title of an artist. The channel we are going to present next will help you fill in the gaps in the history of art, help you understand different ideas and movements, and most importantly, open you up creatively.

The Art Assignment is an educational YouTube series that explores art in an engaging, energetic way. There you can find tons of various art-related information, starting from videos on how to critique, how to understand and take seriously particular works and artists, to actual art assignments that were designed to bring out your creativeness. This is not even the whole scope! The channel also features unique artists and stories from all over the world and covers popular art-related topics and phenomenons, including the infamous $150,000 duct-taped banana, inaccessible dadaist and abstract art, Instagram’s impact on art, and many, many more. 

3. Jubilee

The more perspectives and life experiences we encounter, the wider our own perception, the more understanding and compassion we have for others. Our opinions on various issues naturally change when we face new facts and views. Taking the perspective of others is one of the most powerful tools for personal growth and improved communication with others. But even those of us who live in cosmopolitan centers, rarely cross the limits of the usual circle instead of learning about other cultures and social groups surrounding us. Luckily, in the digital age, we don’t even have to leave the comfort of our own home to see the world from countless different perspectives. 

The Jubilee project on YouTube introduces us to a whole new world of views and opinions in a convenient format. Their channel is a collection of several thematic series consisting of "entertaining videos that will empower, enable, and inspire others to do good as well" as the authors themselves describe them. One of the most popular series being “Spectrum” with each episode devoted to the exploration of different views expressed by a group of people united by the same religion, profession, social status, etc. The episodes of the Middle Ground series showcase people representing two opposing sides that express their views and try to find something both can agree on and understand one another. Check out these and other Jubilee playlists to broaden your horizons.

4. TREY the Explainer

Started back in 2013 with videos on the analysis of alien races in Star Wars and scientific inaccuracies in Jurassic Park, TREY the Explainer has transformed into an informative channel on various science topics. Trey Swenton, the man behind the channel, developed educational series on biology, paleontology, zoology, and cryptozoology. 

The Paleo Profile series focuses on weird prehistoric animals that many may not be familiar with. It covers the creatures that existed during the period when life just began to form and up to the Cenozoic era. Accuracies Inaccuracies is a continuation of the channel’s original topic, whereas the Cryptozoology series delves into the world of cryptids -- the mystic creatures that are claimed (but weren’t proven) to actually exist. Trey also makes compelling videos out of the series but still related to the topic normally touched upon by the channel, like why are some animals considered "taboo" to eat and how ancient humans treated their disabled counterparts

5. Now You See It

There are some things we all universally like, and movies are most definitely one of them. 

The Now You See It channel on YouTube is a place where numerous cinematic ideas are explored and analyzed, helping viewers understand them better and see what’s hidden.

As a common saying "Now you see it, now you don't" implies something magical, so is film: magical, both in their atmosphere and disguised patterns. A trained eye, curious mind, and countless hours of watched film, are needed to distinguish some of those patterns and their magic. Not all of us have the time and attention span to absorb and analyze so many movies, so Now You See It comes in handy.

Like a friend that is well-versed in film, the channel provides short and to the point bits of information, unveiling the hidden meanings, special techniques and structures some of the greatest movies are filled with. Come and see how film settings can be considered characters, how opening shots give huge insights into the films’ themes and plot points, learn what makes a movie great and how powerful movie geometry and costume design can be.

6. The Take

Another great YouTube channel devoted to making you understand movies (and also shows and culture in general) is The Take. It’s a collection of regularly updated video essays on hidden symbols and messages, explained endings and character studies, as well as actor and director profiles.

All the content is conveniently separated to the thematic playlist, general and specific ones alike. Learn what was in the case carried around by characters of Pulp Fiction, understand the appeal of Twin Peaks, why we need musicals, the meaning behind the character tropes, and many, many more amazing facts and stories about the favorite shows and movies.

7. Volksgeist 

After exploring the world of cinema, it’s time to dive into another universally loved cultural activity and art form — music. Volksgeist (meaning “cultural spirit”) is the channel dedicated to dissecting the ideas and history of current rap, hip hop, R’n’B, rock and indie music. In the growingly popular style of video essays, Volksgeist is capturing the zeitgeist of contemporary music. It breaks down the themes explored by different artists, ranging from YouTube celebrities like Joji to the currently popular and widely celebrated artists, such as Drake, Travis Scott, and The Weeknd, and touching upon the worldwide-known and loved artists like Daft Punk and even Pink Floyd. It’s a perfect place for going inside the artists’ minds, understanding their genius and the impact on the culture of today.

8. Warped Perception

When you want some eye-candy that’s also informative and interesting, the Warped Perception channel on YouTube is the place to go. The channel creators believe that capturing random things in slow and ultra-slow motion is one of the greatest ways to see how things work, debunk myths, and just have an enjoyable, unique watching experience. Slow-motion extends the limited abilities of a human eye, therefore it also expands the perception of what we see. 

All the channel content was created using Slow Motion and Ultra Slow Motion cameras, shot in ultra HD quality and 4K resolution. 4K Video Downloader can help you save the UHD videos without quality loss, making it easy to get the immersive experience. Watch and get the videos of random everyday things in slo-mo, like popcorn popping at 15000 FPS, a car driving through potholes, dandelion blowing, birds fighting, match lighting in macro, rockets launching and more.

9. Free Documentary

Documentary format is a window to different worlds, cultures, and issues we otherwise most likely wouldn’t have many opportunities to encounter. Realistic films about different countries, nations and tribes, with their unique cultural and social aspects, spark an interest in learning more about the world around us, taking up learning a new language, and dig deeper into the unknown. 

In the times of everything hidden behind a paywall and a mandatory paid subscription requirement for access to quality content, having a bountiful source of free full-length documentaries is a breath of fresh air available to everybody. The Free Documentary channel is home to high-class free documentaries made with the latest camera and production equipment. It covers a great variety of topics related to everything interesting and beautiful our planet has to offer. 

10. POPSUGAR Fitness

All of the previously mentioned YouTube channels are great for watching while comfortably sitting back, but moving and being physically active is also important for our health and overall well-being. POPSUGAR Fitness offers fitness tutorials and workouts suitable for people with different levels of experience and goals.

From 10-minute workouts for beginners to vigorous high-intensity interval training, full-body 45-minutes exercise regimes, and peaceful yoga sessions. Shake all the excess fat and get in shape without paying a dime for a gym or equipment, select what fits you best from the conveniently divided categories on the POPSUGAR YouTube channel.

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