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India Has Banned TikTok: How to Watch TikTok Videos Now

India Has Banned TikTok: How to Watch TikTok Videos Now

About two weeks ago, nearly every tech and business outlet were talking about India’s ban TikTok and dozens of other Chinese apps, including WeChat, some Baidu and QQ applications.

Some apps have already started disappearing from Google Play Store and the App Store. Yet, those users who were lucky enough to install the TikTok prior to the removal from stores, won’t be affected by this. The measure will largely influence TikTok’s growth within the country.

The reason for the ban was the Indian government concerns on privacy and data security.

Considering that TikTok is a huge deal in India with over 200 million users, the 4K Download team has prepared some loopholes on how you can watch and download videos of your favourite TikTok creators.

How to watch TikTok videos after the ban

4K Video Downloader

First and foremost, if you’re still able to watch TikTok content without restrictions, we advise you to download all your favourite videos on your smartphone or PC with 4K Video Downloader .

It’s effortless to do: you just copy and paste the video link, and 4K Video Downloader saves it in your PC for you to watch it offline. Thus you’ll be sure that the content you’d like to re-watch will stay with you for good. Some useful and insightful videos like recipes, tutorials, guides, or tips are surely worth being saved for later.

VPN and proxy

If an app, platform content or website are restricted in your country of residence, here where VPN and proxy prove to be really helpful.

With VPN, the initial user IP address is substituted with one from the servers of a VPN provider. Thus, in case that the server is placed in a different country, it works as if user connection is originating from that country. It then lets you visit sites and consume content that is unavailable in the genuine location of the user. With proxies and VPN, users can watch and download regionally blocked YouTube videos or visit geo-restricted sites.

Proxies could be useful in case a user wants to hide IP address, access region-blocked content.

4K Download team recommends you the following proxies and VPNs .

Proxies: StormProxies,BuyProxies,Proxy-Store and SmartProxy.

VPN: ZenMate,SurfShark,V2Ray,KeepSolid,StrongVPN, ExpressVPN, CyberGhostVPN , NordVPN and IPVanishVPN.

Other social media platforms

A logical reaction to the recent actions of the Indian government is the TikTok creators’ and influencers’ shifting to other social media platforms, including Instagram and YouTube.

If you can’t access or download the TikTok app any longer and don’t want to bother with proxies and VPN, you should possibly pivot to platforms like Instagram or YouTube since your fav creators are surely active there, too.

To never miss new videos or photos they upload, you can subscribe to them not only on native social platforms but within 4K Video Download and 4K Stogram alike. After you subscribe to them within the apps, all their new content will be downloaded on your PC or Mac automatically.

It’s yet unclear how long the restriction would last. India has already banned TikTok in the country last year after the app has been alleged to spread pornography and cyberbullying. Later, however, the app was again open to downloads.

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