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Top 4K Download Apps’ Features Available Only to Premium Users

Top 4K Download Apps’ Features Available Only to Premium Users

We never stop enhancing our software and add new features in almost every new release, with some of them being available only to Lite, Personal, and Pro licence holders.

Apart from lifting all downloads limits with 4K Download Software premium, there are plenty of other cool features that are available only to the paying users. Here they are.

What 4K Tokkit Lite, Personal & Pro Unlocks

These are the things that become accessible to you once you upgrade from your free plan.

  • Remove a watermark from TikTok videos

Premium users can remove a watermark from any TikTok video. 4K Tokkit allows you to remove a watermark from TikTok clips, no matter if it’s someone else’s or your own. What’s more, it doesn’t put a watermark of its own after you remove the TikTok logo with our app.

  • Download liked TikTok videos with 4K Tokkit

Paid users of 4K Tokkit can save their own liked TikTok videos and videos liked by other accounts. Note that to be able to save clips that other users like on TikTok, they must be publicly available.

  • 10 to unlimited in-app subscriptions & auto update

You can subscribe to limitless TikTok accounts, hashtags, and song-related videos and have them automatically downloaded on your desktop once you launch the application.

  • Single video download

Not only batch but a single video download is available for paying customers. If you don’t want to save the whole lot of content, just save a specific video you need.

  • Private content download with in-app authorisation

4K Tokkit authorisation into your TikTok account allows you to download videos you’ve liked, back up your own TikTok account, as well as save private content of the accounts you follow.

  • Uninterrupted subscriptions download

With this feature, you can save large accounts and hashtags without having to confirm the download of every 1,000 items.

  • Update pinned subscriptions

If you want to update only selected subscriptions, pin them and update only them. Simply press the update icon of your pinned subscription, and 4K Tokkit will do the rest.

What 4K Stogram Lite, Personal & Pro Unlocks

If you’re still considering whether to become a 4K Stogram premium user, check these perks 4K Stogram Lite, Personal, and Pro licences have to offer.

  • 10 to unlimited in-app subscriptions

With 4K Stogram's paid licence, you gain access to unlimited in-app subscriptions. This means you can subscribe to as many accounts as you want, allowing you to effortlessly stay updated with the latest content from your favourite creators, influencers, and friends.

  • Tagged posts download

Have you ever come across a post that you were tagged in and wanted to save it for good? With 4K Stogram, you can easily download tagged posts, preserving those precious memories or inspiring moments that others have shared with you.

  • Stories & Highlights download

Instagram stories and Highlights are increasingly becoming a popular way to share behind-the-scenes moments, exclusive content, and important updates. By upgrading to 4K Stogram's paid licence, you can download stories and Highlights from any account, ensuring you never miss a moment and have a personal archive of these ephemeral experiences.

  • Private account download

4K Stogram's paid licence empowers you to download content from private Instagram accounts you follow. Whether it's a friend's private account or a creator's exclusive content, you can save and enjoy their posts without limitations.

  • Download content of the accounts you're following

4K Stogram lets you download Instagram content not only of the accounts you’re searching for, but also of the accounts you’re already following. Thus, by pressing just a couple of buttons, you can batch download feed posts, stories, Reels posted on feed, highlights, and tagged posts of users who are on your following list.

  • Download saved posts

Following the same Edit -> Download path, you can download your Instagram saved posts and collections. You can do that if you want to back up the content you’ve saved in case your account is blocked, restricted, or you lose access to it.

  • Download only the content you want with Advanced Download Options

4K Stogram enables you to save not only the entire content of an Instagram account, hashtag, or location. Instead, it allows you to choose the exact content you want to download — feed posts, tagged posts, stories, or Highlights. You can also choose whether you want to download photos, video content, or both.

  • Auto update your subscriptions

Keeping track of multiple subscriptions on Instagram can be time-consuming. However, with one of the paid licences, 4K Stogram automates the process by providing auto subscriptions updates. Stay effortlessly connected with your favourite accounts as new content is downloaded automatically, ensuring you never miss a post or story. You can update your subscriptions within one of these periods: 1 day, 18 hours, 12 hours, or 6 hours.

  • Download your subscriptions’ followings

If you want to download the content of the accounts followed by your subscriptions, you can easily do so: choose a subscription from the list whose followings you want to save and press the three dots to make the context menu appear.

What 4K YouTube to MP3 Lite, Personal & Pro Unlocks

With 4K YouTube to MP3's premium licence, you can unlock a whole new level of convenience and quality when it comes to accessing and enjoying your favourite music and podcasts. Here are the benefits of 4K YouTube to MP3 paid licences:

  • Simultaneous downloads

Enjoy the flexibility of downloading multiple files simultaneously, enabling you to build your music library quickly and efficiently.

  • Private YouTube content download

Discover a world of exclusive content with the ability to download audio from private YouTube videos and playlists, including 'My Mix', 'Watch Later', and 'Liked videos'. Note that to access this feature, you need to log in to your YouTube account within 4K YouTube to MP3.

  • Unlimited single audio downloads

With one of the premium licences, there are no limits on the number of individual audio tracks you can download. Explore new genres, artists, and songs to your heart's content, expanding your musical horizons with unlimited access to single audio downloads.

  • Unlimited audio tracks per playlist

For those who love to curate and organise their music, 4K YouTube to MP3 premium licences offer ten to unlimited audio track downloads per playlist. Whether you're saving mood-based playlists or organising your favourite artist's discography, you can effortlessly capture every song and build the ultimate collection.

  • Unlimited audio tracks per channel

Music channels on YouTube provide a wealth of diverse content, including official releases, remixes, and collaborations. With one of the premium licences, there are no limitations on the number of audio tracks you can download from a single channel. Explore your favourite music channels freely and amass an extensive library of tracks from your beloved artists and producers.

  • URLs import and export

Simplify the process of downloading and managing your music library with 4K YouTube to MP3 Lite, Personal, or Pro licence. Import and export URLs effortlessly to CSV/XLS, allowing you to maintain a centralised database of your favourite music sources and easily transfer them between devices.

Visit our Store page to choose your perfect licence or upgrade within the application! On our pricing page, we also have special Discount offers for the former users of our competitors, non-profit and educational organisations, PRO licence discounts for our current customers, and up to 50% off discounts for orders of multiple licences.

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