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Best 8 Cloud Storage Services for Large Video Files

Best 8 Cloud Storage Services for Large Video Files

Whether it’s a vacation vlog you’ve made, some lovely moments you’ve captured or professional video content you’ve shot, it’s vital to make sure you have enough space to store it. And instead of having too much of your hard drive space eaten by the videos or transferring files to a flash drive, consider cloud storage to keep your projects and share them with others.

To help you find the perfect cloud storage solution, we’ve made this list.

What Makes the Best Cloud Storage for Videos?

When you don’t know which service to choose, pay close attention to these points:

  • File size limit.

  • Upload speed.

  • Some video-specific features (media streaming, restoring video files, editing, syncing, etc.).

  • Amount of storage space.

  • Cost (if the service has a free version, how much you’ll pay for the upgrade with larger space limits, etc.).

  • Security of your data and files.

8 Best Cloud Storage Services for Videos


pCloud is one of the best cloud storage solutions as it lacks a file size limit, has an in-built media player, and uploads your videos super quickly. It also has a sharing option which allows you to collaborate with your team/family on the videos.

Here’s a quick overview of the pCloud’s features:

  • Secure file storage and sharing.

  • Availability on multiple devices: you can use pCloud on desktop, mobile app for Android and iOS, and access it online via browser.

  • Collaboration: you can share files with others and work on them together.

  • Unlimited file size.

  • Zero-knowledge encryption security.

Note that encryption is available for extra fees.

Storage plans are affordable to use by an individual user, a small team and companies. You can get 10 GB of space for free after you sign up. To get 500 GB, you’ll need to pay $50 yearly. To get 2TB of cloud storage space, you’ll have to pay $100 a year. There’s also a Lifetime plan with a one-time fee.


This is a relatively new cloud storage solution that is gaining popularity due to its nice interface, security and reasonable pricing. Here’s what else you can consider opting for Icedrive:

  • Unlimited file size: you can upload large videos of excellent quality.

  • In-built media player.

  • Security and protection with Twofish and zero-knowledge encryption.

The downside of the service is that it has no sync of files and lacks collaboration features, such as sharing.

You get a free 10GB limit when signing up. To get 1TB, you’ll have to pay $5 a month. For 5TB, the price is $18 a month. Lifetime plans are also available.


You can upload as large video files as you want to Sync.com as it has no size limits. You won’t need to worry about the security of your files either: the service provides you with encryption and two-factor authentication. Other available security features are password protection for especially sensitive videos and the ability to monitor access to your account. You can also access your account remotely and wipe files from linked devices.

One of the drawbacks is that Sync.com doesn’t have an in-built player for media playback in-app. Sync.com doesn’t support NAS devices, either.

The service offers 5GB of storage for free, which you can expand to 20GB using its referral system and inviting new users: each signup gives you an additional 1GB.

If you don’t want to bother with the referrals, you can buy a plan from 200GB to 6TB that ranges from $60 to $240 a year.


IDrive is an online backup solution rather than cloud storage. Yet we’ve included it in the list since it has convenient syncing and sharing features. So if collaboration is one of your major concerns, you should consider IDrive as a cloud storage solution.

Beyond that, it has no file size limit and has block-level sync support, which means you can make even a minor edit to your file and quickly reupload it. The in-built player allows you to stream videos right in-app. IDrive also supports NAS devices.

IDrive doesn’t have a monthly plan; only yearly subscriptions are available. But the good news is that prices are reasonable: $79.50 for 5TB and $99.50 for 10TB of storage.

You get 10GB for free when signing up.

Google Drive

A cloud storage service that many of you use on a regular basis is Google Drive. This versatile solution provides you with 15GB of free storage space, and integration in the ecosystem across the entire Google product suite, including Gmail, Google Photos, and mobile apps. A huge con of the solution is its excellent collaboration features and integration with other Google services.

To unlock extra space, you’ll need to choose among the Google pricing options, ranging from $20 a year for 100GB to $100 a year for 2TB. When you purchase one of the plans, you also unlock the collaboration features, such as sharing.

As for security, Google Drive doesn’t have encryption for files, so if security is one of your primary concerns, you should look for other options.


MEGA is one of those generous cloud storage solutions that offer 20GB for free. You can add more storage by inviting new users through the referral program. Additional ways to get more space is to install the desktop and mobile apps. Note that in this case, the extra storage expires in 365 days.

For $5 a month, you’ll unlock 400GB, and for $30 8TB will be available for you. Note that the tool has transfer limits from 1TB to 16TB.

In addition to these, you have access to a secure chat facility and file versioning. The zero-knowledge encryption secures your data and content, and file previews allow you to access files without streaming them.

Apple iCloud

If you’re an avid Apple user and don’t want to go beyond its ecosystem, this solution is right for you. Apple iCloud is pretty fast and relatively cheap and works across all Apple devices. You can use iCloud both for backing up and storing your video files, even large ones.

And though iCloud doesn’t have a multitude of versatile features, it’s super easy to use. What’s more, you won’t lose quality when uploading video files.

Not many of you know that apart from iOS and macOS integration, iCloud has a standalone desktop app and a web-based solution.

For free, you get 5GB of storage which is not much. If you want to expand it, you can upgrade to 50GB for just $0.99 or 200GB for $3 a month. 2TB will cost you $10 a month.


This, along with Google Drive, is one of the most prominent solutions when it comes to cloud storage. And though Dropbox isn’t the best solution for storing videos, it has a built-in player, easy-to-use interface, and affordable prices that allow you to consider this tool among the others. Especially if you’re not a professional creator and looking for a cloud solution just for home videos.

Dropbox offers free storage limited to 2GB, but with referrals, you can expand it to 500MB added to your storage per each new user joined.

As for security, the service doesn’t let you set password protection on your videos or set the expiration date to public links.

But what’s good about Dropbox is that it allows block-level syncing, has fast upload speed and lets you play the video right within the tool, which is available as a web-based, Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows app.

As for the plans’ pricing, you’ll pay $99 per year for 1TB and $119.88 per year for 2TB.

If you’d rather store your videos on streaming platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, or Rumblr, you can easily download and share them with 4K Video Downloader. The service isn’t a cloud storage solution but rather a video downloader and viewer. You can utilise it as a backup space without taking your desktop space – all video files can be stored and playback right in-app. When downloading, you can set up the required format and quality, as well as content type: video, audio, playlist, channel, or subtitles.

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