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4K Video Downloader Plus Advanced Features You Should Try Next

4K Video Downloader Plus Advanced Features You Should Try Next

Despite its simple name that basically implies the core functionality of the app, 4K Video Downloader Plus is a versatile and powerful tool designed for saving high-quality videos and audio from a variety of platforms. Its basic functionality is pretty straightforward, but the app offers several advanced features that can drastically improve your experience. This piece is what we’ll talk about. But first, let’s see how you can find the advanced features.

How to Access 4K Video Downloader Plus Advanced Features

All these functionalities are located in Settings, so to access them, follow these steps: Open 4K Video Downloader Plus on your Mac, Ubuntu, or Windows computer -> find the gear icon in the top right corner (called Preferences) and click on it -> head over to the Advanced tab.

Use Simultaneous Downloads (With Caution, Though!)

One of the standout features of 4K Video Downloader Plus is the ability to manage simultaneous downloads. This feature allows multiple threads to connect to servers, enabling faster download speeds. The number of threads available depends on the type of licence you have. Ideally, the application downloads the maximum number of threads set by the user, but note that this is subject to server availability and licensing constraints.

Another thing to note here is that high intensity might lead to temporary IP ban on YouTube, so use it with caution.

Create Subdirectory for Playlists and Channels

Organising downloaded content is made easy with the option to create subdirectories for playlists and channels. When you insert a link to a playlist or a channel, the application creates a dedicated folder within the output directory to store the files.

If you add a channel link, all videos from that channel will be saved in this subdirectory. However, playlists from the channel will not be automatically organised into subfolders unless you insert the direct playlist link.

Add Numeration to File Names in Playlists

When downloading content from playlists, you can add numeration to the file names. This ensures that each video is numbered in the order it appears in the playlist, making it easier to manage and view them sequentially. Note, though, that this feature is specifically designed for playlists and does not apply to individual video downloads.

Skip Duplicates in Playlists

To avoid downloading the same video multiple times, 4K Video Downloader Plus includes a feature to skip duplicates in playlists. Previously, this feature worked by skipping identical links within a playlist. Now, it has been enhanced to check if a file has already been downloaded to your computer, skipping those that are already present.

Generate .m3u Files for Downloaded Playlists

For those who prefer to use playlist files, the application can generate .m3u files for downloaded playlists. An M3U file is a simple text file containing the locations of one or more media files. This feature is particularly useful for organising and playing back downloaded playlists in media player applications.

Embed Subtitles in Video if Possible

Subtitles are an essential part of many videos, and 4K Video Downloader Plus allows you to embed them directly into your downloaded videos. During the download process, an .srt subtitle file is created. Once the download is complete, this file is added to the video, ensuring that subtitles are available without being hard-coded into the video stream.

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Remove Downloaded Items from the List

To keep your download list uncluttered, 4K Video Downloader Plus can automatically remove links from the application once the download is complete. The downloaded files remain on your computer, but the links are cleared from the application's interface, making it easier to manage ongoing downloads.

Built-In Browser

The built-in browser in 4K Video Downloader Plus and 4K YouTube to MP3 enhances the ability to download private content from platforms like Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, and Bilibili. Logging in allows you to download higher quality content, such as 1080p videos from Bilibili, and access private videos from other platforms if you have permission.

Besides, you can simply search for audio and videos right in the app and download them straight away without opening multiple tabs on your computer browser.

Control Panel Features

The Control Panel in 4K Video Downloader Plus offers several useful functionalities:

  • Log in to YouTube Account: Allows access to personalised content and subscriptions as well as downloading private content from YouTube.

  • Notifications: Displays application updates and alerts.

  • Manage License: Activate or deactivate your licence easily.

  • Send Feedback: Directly contact support for assistance.

Good to Know: Pro Licence Capabilities

For users with a Pro licence, additional features, apart from limitless downloads and auto-downloads, of course, include the ability to import and export subscriptions and download links. These are saved in a .json format, a change from the older .csv format used in previous versions. Export options include:

  • Export Subscriptions: Save your subscription data.

  • Export Downloads: Save your download links.

  • Import Downloads: Re-import data using a single option.

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You can upgrade your current 4K Video Downloader Plus licence in our Store.

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