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  2. 7 Best Image Compressor Tools: 2024 Selection of Online & Desktop Image Compressors

7 Best Image Compressor Tools: 2024 Selection of Online & Desktop Image Compressors

7 Best Image Compressor Tools: 2024 Selection of Online & Desktop Image Compressors

Picture this: you've just snapped a breathtaking photo, and you're eager to share it with the world. There's only one problem—the file size is as massive as the moment you’ve captured. No worries, though. There are plenty of image compressors, be it an online tool or a desktop solution.

Whether you're a seasoned photographer, an app developer who needs smaller visual assets, a blogger looking to optimise images to make them weigh less, or simply someone who needs to save space on their device, this list is for you.

We’ve picked seven tools—desktop and online—that can easily compress any image.

Best Desktop Image Compression Tools

First, let’s cover solutions that you can install on your desktop computer.

4K Image Compressor — Our Choice

4K Image Compressor is a desktop application compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux. This tool lets you efficiently optimise PNG, JPEG, HEIC, and WEBP images with swift processing and zero compromise on quality. Whether you prefer lossless or lossy formats, you can seamlessly upload your images.

Experience the simplicity of the app: Install it on your desktop, upload one or multiple images, choose your preferred optimisation settings, and watch as the compressed images are automatically stored on your computer.

Key Features

  • Wide format support: Support for optimisation and conversion of PNG, JPEG, HEIC, and WEBP, with additional formats in the pipeline.

  • Batch compression: Save time with batch compression functionality for handling multiple images simultaneously.

  • Pros:

    • Convenient batch uploading: Streamline the process by uploading multiple images in one go, saving valuable time.

  • Free plan available: Access the basic features without any cost.

  • Precise compression options: Achieve image compression to specific amounts in megabytes, kilobytes, or bytes.

  • Cons:

    • No PDF support: Currently lacks support for PDF, but developers assure its inclusion in upcoming releases.


    PNGGauntlet is an image optimisation tool tailored for Windows that is dedicated to compressing PNG images. This free and open-source software specialises in optimising PNG images, a widely used lossless image format. Utilising the tool is straightforward—simply drag and drop your PNG files into the app's interface or select them through the file browser. PNGGauntlet then seamlessly applies the chosen optimization algorithms, effectively reducing the file size of your PNG images.

    Key features

    • PNGGauntlet is a graphical user interface for multiple image optimization tools, including PNGOUT, OptiPNG, and DeflOpt, which allows users to achieve a higher level of compression for their images.

    • Converts JPG, GIF, TIFF, and BMP files to PNG.

    • Users can optimise multiple PNG files in a batch, streamlining the process for multiple images.


    • PNGGauntlet is free to use.

    • PNGGauntlet aims to achieve improved compression results by integrating different optimisation tools.


    • PNGGauntlet is a tool specifically designed for Windows users to compress PNG images.

    • The tool supports only the optimisation of PNG images.


    ImageOptim is a free and open-source desktop application designed for macOS that reduces the file size of various image formats. You can easily drag and drop images into the ImageOptim interface or use the file menu to open images. The app will then process the images using its integrated optimisation tools, and you can save the optimised files.

    ImageOptim offers a range of tools for compressing images, such as Zopfli, Pngcrush, PNGOUT, AdvPNG, and others, enhancing its capability to efficiently compress images. The application is capable of optimising images in various formats, including PNG, JPEG, GIF, and SVG.

    Users can easily compress their images by dragging and dropping them into the ImageOptim interface. The application also supports batch processing, enabling users to compress multiple images simultaneously.

    Key Features


    • ImageOptim features a straightforward and user-friendly interface.

    • It supports batch processing for optimising multiple images at once.


    • ImageOptim is specifically designed for macOS, lacking an official version for Windows or other operating systems.

    • While it supports various formats, its format support may not be as extensive as some online tools.

    Best Online Image Compression Tools


    TinyPNG is an online tool designed for compressing PNG, WEBP, and JPG images, effectively reducing their file sizes. The service utilises lossy compression techniques to achieve smaller file sizes while striving to preserve satisfactory image quality. To compress images using TinyPNG, users can easily visit the TinyPNG website and upload their images through the web interface.

    Key Features

    • TinyPNG supports compression for three formats: PNG, WEBP, and JPG.

    • The compression technique employed by TinyPNG is lossy, meaning there is a balance between reducing file size and some loss of image detail.

    • Users can upload and compress multiple images simultaneously, offering convenience for managing image collections.

    • TinyPNG provides an API for developers, enabling integration into websites or applications.


    • The TinyPNG website features a straightforward and user-friendly interface for image compression, catering to both beginners and experienced users.

    • TinyPNG often achieves substantial file size reduction without significantly compromising image quality, especially for PNG images.


    • Free users may encounter file size limits, and larger images might necessitate a paid subscription for processing.

    JPEGoptim: For Tech-Savvy Users

    JPEGoptim is a command-line utility, implying its usage through the command prompt or terminal across different operating systems. It is a free and open-source software specifically crafted for optimising JPEG images.

    Key Features

    • JPEGoptim offers options for both lossless and lossy optimisation of JPEG images, allowing users to select their preferred level of compression.

    • Users can configure various parameters, including quality level and the degree of compression applied to the images.

    • The tool supports batch processing, enabling users to optimise multiple JPEG files simultaneously.

    • JPEGoptim provides the option to preserve or remove Exif data (metadata) from JPEG images during compression.


    • Users have control over optimisation settings, allowing for a balance between file size reduction and image quality.


    • The command-line interface may be less user-friendly for individuals who prefer graphical user interfaces.

    • JPEGoptim is specifically designed for JPEG images and does not support other image formats.


    Compressor.io is an online image compression tool designed to reduce the file size of both JPEG and PNG images. Users can upload and compress images directly from their web browsers. The compression process can be configured to be either lossy or lossless, depending on user preferences.

    Key Features

    • Users can opt for either lossy or lossless compression based on their preferences for image quality.

    • The service offers a real-time preview of the compressed image, enabling users to compare the original and compressed versions before downloading.


    • The capability to compress both JPEG and PNG images in a single tool is convenient for users dealing with various image formats.


    • As a web-based tool, an internet connection is required for users to access and utilise Compressor.io.

    • Free users may encounter limitations on the file size of images that can be processed.


    Kraken.io is yet another online image compression platform that you can optimise images with. It's accessible through a web interface for manual image processing and provides an API for developers to integrate into their applications or workflows. To compress an image with Kraken.io, users can visit the website, upload their images through the web interface, and customise compression settings as needed.

    Key Features

    • Kraken.io provides a user-friendly web interface for uploading images, compressing them, and downloading the optimised versions.

    • Developers can utilise the Kraken.io API to automate the image optimisation process in their applications or websites.

    • The platform supports various image formats, including JPEG, PNG, GIF, and SVG.

    • Users can choose between lossy and lossless compression options based on their priorities for image quality and file size reduction.


    • The availability of an API enables developers to seamlessly integrate image compression into their workflows.

    • Kraken.io supports a variety of image formats, making it versatile for different types of images.


    • While Kraken.io offers free plans, some advanced features may require a subscription.

    Best Image Compressor Tools: Wrapping Up

    As evident, there are numerous tools available to assist in optimising images for various purposes, such as adding them to a website, sharing on social media, or attaching to emails. When selecting an image compressor, consider factors such as the supported formats, availability of lossless compression, batch processing capabilities, and the option for a free trial to assess compression quality. With the diverse range of tools outlined, you are likely to find one in our list that aligns with your specific requirements.

    Best Image Compressor: Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the most efficient image compressor?

    Determining the "most efficient" image compressor can depend on specific needs and preferences, as well as the type of images being compressed. Different compressors excel in different areas, such as compression ratio, speed, or versatility. We’d recommend 4K Image Compressor as a desktop tool and TinyPNG as its online alternative.

    Is PNG or JPEG better for compression?

    If your primary goal is to minimise file size and maximise storage efficiency, opting for JPG images is recommended. JPG images typically employ a 10:1 compression ratio, allowing for significant reduction in file size. While PNG images offer higher quality, the trade-off is that they tend to result in larger file sizes after compression.

    Is 100% JPEG lossless?

    In the context of typical JPEG compression, a quality setting of 100 doesn’t result in lossless compression. JPEG compression is inherently lossy, meaning that some image information is discarded during the compression process to achieve smaller file sizes.

    Lossless JPEG encoding is a separate and less common variant of JPEG compression. In lossless JPEG, the compression algorithm reduces file size without sacrificing any image information. However, the compression ratios achieved with lossless JPEG are generally lower compared to lossy JPEG, making it less popular for typical use.

    It's important for users to be aware that even at the highest quality settings in standard JPEG compression, there is still some loss of information. If preserving every detail without any loss is crucial, other formats like PNG or TIFF with lossless compression are more appropriate.

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